Best winter sun holiday destinations!

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It’s December again and if you’re in the northern hemisphere, that means all sorts of cold weather from rain to sleet to snow. If that’s not quite your vibe, why not visit somewhere sunnier this season, and make this vacation a deliciously warm one. All you’ll need is a little cash injection (like an online casino jackpot) and our recommendations for the best winter sun getaways.

Specifically the town of Taghazout, the country’s surf mecca. If you’re keen for a rustic type of holiday, you’ll love this quaint little fishing village, full of treasures to explore. Learn how to surf if you’re a beginner, calm body and mind with a relaxing yoga class, or go fishing, hiking, or even camel riding too. It’s small town charm in a tranquil setting, painted with all the gorgeous colours of an African sunset – and if you book your holiday soon, it could be yours to enjoy!

If you’ve never been to Central America, why not give Belize a try – particularly over the end-of-year holiday season when it’s least likely to rain. If you’re a fan of underwater adventures, dive into wonder with the Belize Barrier Reef – the second largest reef system in the world. Or if you’re a fan of ancient history, explore the Mayan ruins to your heart’s content. With jungles, beaches and islands to discover, as well as nature reserves and parks too, it’s an endless delight, and a wonderfully warm one too.

South Africa
With the holiday season right in the middle of its summer, South Africa is the perfect escape from the cold winter of the northern hemisphere, with something for everyone to enjoy. Go on safari, climb mountains, surf, swim, or hike – or laze by the poolside at one of the country’s many five star resorts. If you’re a foodie, book yourself a wine tasting adventure and feast on gourmet meals, with a huge range of award-winning wine farms and indulgent restaurants to choose from. However you choose to spend your holiday, and whoever you spend it with, you’ll make memories to last a lifetime.

Although it’s one of South Africa’s neighbouring countries, Namibia isn’t as widely visited – which means it’s quieter and attracts less hustle and bustle over the tourist season. So if you’re looking for a peaceful, sunny getaway over December, Namibia is an excellent pick. Surf the dunes in a 4×4 or go down on a sandboard, and experience the stark beauty of Nambia’s desert landscape first-hand. Take some sunblock, as the heat might be a surprise – but no more surprising than how much you’ll enjoy every thrilling minute.

If you’re after sunshine in an Asian setting, a visit to Vietnam could be just what you need, with the holiday season the perfect time to visit this favourite tourist destination. Explore Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in perfect weather conditions, and experience a series of neverending delights. From delicious food to glorious beaches, kayaking and swimming (particularly in Halong Bay) and breathtaking temples and citadels, every moment spent in Vietnam is one of awe and wonder.

Feeling inspired? Then why not follow the sun to one of these holiday escapes? One day away and you’ll forget winter ever existed!

Which one are you going on? 🙂

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