Billionaire Experience for Bodog’s Billionth Blackjack Hand

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Popular online casino Bodog has something to celebrate, and as is the nature of the industry, they are sharing the festivities with their members as they prepare to deal out the upcoming one-billionth online blackjack hand. Online poker sites have hit similar milestones in recent years, but in terms of online casino blackjack, 16-year-old Bodog Casino is well ahead of the competition.

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To salute this momentous occasion, Bodog is promoting thousands of dollars worth of prizes, including a chance for two lucky players to win a unique grand prize termed the ‘Billionaire’s Experience’. There are two choices for the winners of the Billionaire’s Experience prize packages.

The first is a ‘Weekend in Monaco’, where the winner receives a trip to Monte Carlo during the 2011 Grand Prix, complete with luxury hotel accommodations, a private yacht experience with a view of the elite Circuit de Monaco race, fine dining and open bar as well as travel expenses paid.

The second option for the Billionaire’s Experience is a ‘Private Island Holiday’ in Fiji. The lucky winner will be transported to island ecstasy at the exclusive Turtle Island resort with luxury accommodations, cuisine and fine wines, access to all beach facilities including the spa and private beach, and even a personal manager to “cater to your every whim”.

At the time of writing, there were 978,608,056 hands of online blackjack dealt at Bodog Casino. That means that for the next 21,391,944 hands, any player that is dealt a natural blackjack will receive one entry into a prize drawing for the Billionaire’s Experience.

There are, of course, more cash prizes for other blackjack players at Bodog. With about 21 million hands remaining before the billionth hand is dealt, every player to be on the receiving end of one of the final millionth hands will receive $1,000 in cash leading up to the billionth hand. The player who is dealt the historic billionth blackjack hand will receive the same $1,000 casino bonus, trumped with one of the two Billionaire’s Experience prize packages.

At the current rate of online blackjack play, Bodog expects the one-billionth hand to be dealt before the end of February, 2011.

The prospect of winning one or more entries to the Billionaire’s Experience prize drawing is enough to incite the gathering of many more players to the online blackjack tables for the duration of the casino’s promotion. I for one wouldn’t be too surprised if the one-billionth hand is dealt much sooner than anticipated.

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