Chance to Win the Lottery at Rollover Bingo

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There’s a new name rising among the online bingo industry that could have Edwin S. Lowe, the inventor of Bingo himself, rolling over in his grave. Rollover Bingo entered the market just a few short months ago and is already attracting a massive player base through ingenious marketing and promotional campaigns.

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Rollover Bingo is the latest online gaming site to join the 888 Network, powered by software from 888 Holdings. After building a vigorous player base over its first few months of establishment, the online bingo site is starting to rival its larger competitors and assisting in that effort are two new promotions launched by the site.

For starters, new online bingo players who sign up an account with Rollover Bingo will be met with a free £20 no deposit bonus. The online bingo site further rewards new players with a 100% up to £150 match bonus on their first deposit, and another 50% match on the second deposit made at Rollover Bingo.

These are pretty standard bonus offerings for an online bingo site, but this next promotion goes above and beyond the typical rewards program. Every time you spend £5 purchasing online bingo cards at Rollover Bingo, you are granted one free National Lottery Line. The next lottery draw is set for October 16th, 2010, with a total prize value of £4.4 million! That’s a lot more than you would ever expect to win playing at any other online bingo site.

Rollover Bingo is still a moderately sized bingo room, proven by the fact that it has just one 90 Ball Bingo lounge and one 75 Ball Bingo lounge. That may sound like a fault, but in reality, it makes it much easier for online bingo players to get where they want to go as quickly as possible. You’ll never have to worry that you’re in the wrong 90 Ball Bingo lounge while another lounge was holding buy one get one free games, or a big jackpot bingo game.

The online bingo site also offers something called Fair and Square Bingo, which levels the playing field for everyone who participates. Players are required to purchase a preset amount of online bingo cards for these games, so no one with a bigger bankroll will have the upper hand of daubing more cards than you could afford to purchase. The max number of cards is 12, with a ticket price of just 5p. At 60p per game, anyone can afford to play Fair and Square games at Rollover Bingo.

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