China’s Ban on VPN’s

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China has always had a very tight internet policy with regards to which content and websites people are actually allowed to view. But, no worries here, VPN to the rescue. People who live in China were using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to trick their computers into thinking their information was coming from another shared network. This shared network could be in US or Canada. With some more advanced VPN networks, you can even choose which VPN you would like to connect to.

However, as of late, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has banned all VPN’s. Meaning, any internet website or software that would allow the use of VPN will be strictly prohibited. Many App developers are under attack and are being forced to take down their stuff from the App store due to this new regulation. So what are we doing about this? Well, VPN’s are now getting licenses that let you use VPN services however, they are required to share users online activities with government sectors that require this information. Very communist if you ask me but, it is what it is and it looks like it might be here to stay.

How would this affect the gambling industry!? In a huge way. China already allows very few casinos and online sportsbooks to operate within the country let alone a ban on VPN’s.

Happy Spinning Guys 🙂

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