Clearing Strategy for No Deposit Bingo Bonuses: Penny vs Dollars

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Online bingo bonuses can be very attractive to fans of the game. While every online gambling operator draws the majority of its players by using free casino promotions and other incentives, bingo sites are notorious for presenting the most no deposit bonuses for their new players.

A no deposit bonus is exactly what the name implies – a bonus of free play credits awarded to new players without requiring any deposit to obtain it. For example, joining the popular online gambling site Bingo Knights and using the special promo code “BKS35” during sign up will grant a new player a $35 no deposit bonus. The player can then use that free cash to play all the bingo games they desire, without ever making a deposit, until the no deposit bonus runs out or the wagering requirements are met.

Wagering requirements define what a player must do in order to keep the money they make from playing bingo with a no deposit bonus. Bingo bonuses are rarely handed out as real cash, but something most bingo sites refer to as Bingo Bucks, or BB’s for short.

BB’s can never be cashed out, but the cash prizes won when using them can. The trick is to complete the wagering requirements before a withdrawal can be made. However, the wagering requirements are much lower when playing for an online bingo bonus than they are compared to free casino promotions. Bingo Knights, for example, only requires 3x play through of a no deposit bonus before a player can keep their profits.


Now for the important part – what is the best way to clear online bingo no deposit bonuses?

There is a bit of a debate here, but I’ll cover both sides and you can decide for yourself what strategy you would prefer to utilize. The deliberation regards whether a player should participate in the cheapest bingo games, stretching their bankroll as far as it can possibly go, or buy tickets for the more costly games to get the wagering requirements over with sooner and expedite profit growth.

Starting with the cheaper games, it is true that a $35 no deposit bonus will go a very long way when purchasing bingo cards/tickets at one penny a piece. With a model cap of 24 cards per game, a player would be able to participate in an attractive 145 games of bingo, all with the highest amount of cards on the virtual table. If your number one goal is to have a good time for as long as possible, with high hopes for a payout in the end, this is probably the right choice for you. You have a lot of opportunities to win and a risk-free bankroll with intense longevity.

If we flip the coin, we immediately notice that purchasing cards to more expensive bingo games is going to wipe out no deposit bonuses a lot faster. Let’s say the cards are $0.50 a piece, again capped at 24 per game. The player would only be able to participate in 3 rounds of bingo with full cards, and the last game would only grant 22 cards, not 24. That may not seem like much fun, but there is more to be considered.

Most importantly, the competition at expensive games is a lot smaller. You can expect a gorge of players in a penny-card game, but not nearly so much in a game with cards costing $0.50 or more. Your odds of winning any in those 3 games are considerably higher. Your profit potential is also substantially higher, where a single win can give you a significant bankroll, and put you a lot closer to clearing those wagering requirements.

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