Common Casino No Deposit Bonus Rules

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Summary – Some common rules followed by casinos with regards to the no deposit bonus and others include that bonuses are non-transferable and non-refundable, they are meant only for a single account holder and that they are not cumulative. Also, you must deposit real money to claim winnings earned through bonuses. You might have to wager several times the bonus amount.

Online casinos are buzzing with business. This comes as little surprise considering the thrills and chills they offer to avid players. What also makes their business boom is the fact that they dish out different types of bonuses like welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, reload bonus, loyalty bonus etc. that entice even more players. The advantage for the player is that with these bonuses they can play without actually emptying their purses. That said it has to be understood that while casinos use the bonuses to encourage gamers to play on their sites, they also attach certain terms, conditions and rules to the bonuses so that they do no burn a hole in their pockets.

If you can read the fine print of various bonuses offered by the online casinos, rest assured that you will be playing a winning hand. Here is some information on the common rules followed by online casinos with regards to the bonuses.

Common Bonus Rules on Online Casinos

Know that the different kinds of bonuses come with different rules and restrictions. However, there are some commonalities between the regulations for different bonuses. The first major common rule is that all bonuses are non-transferable and non-refundable. This means that once you avail of the bonus amount on your name, you cannot pass it on to a friend or ask for a refund. Additionally, only one bonus is allowed per account or computer. Also, online casinos do not make their bonuses cumulative. That is, if you receive a 10% signup bonus then you cannot combine its value to other offers and use the sum total to your benefit.

Another very important general rule with the bonuses is that suppose you play and win using a bonus, to be able to receive the award money you should first deposit a given amount of real money. Indeed, in many cases to play itself you might have to wager many times the bonus sum. Most casinos also make it mandatory that you meet their rollover requirement if you wish to withdraw all the bonus funds. This is also an imperative to make the bonus valid. Moreover, you cannot cash out the bonus for the purpose of re-depositing.

Finally, note that no matter which bonus it is, be it the no deposit bonus, the welcome or the reload one, casinos clearly state that these are only intended for recreational betters. So if you are gaming for earning, you might be better off playing for real money with some of your own!

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