Craps Winning Tips

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How to win at Craps

We’ve already given you the low-down on how to play Craps – now it’s time for us to share some winning tips so you can make the most of every roll. Read on and find out how to go from player to winner!

1. Learn how to play
It might go without saying, but we thought we’d say it anyway. Some games are simple enough to pick up without any help, such as online slots, but when it comes to games with more intricate betting systems, such as Craps, a little knowledge can go a long way. Do a quick search for a beginner’s guide to Craps, or read our handy tutorial here, and take the first step to winning big.

2. Take the Pass Line bet
If you’ve done a little research, you’ll know that the Pass Line bet is one of the most popular bets in Craps, placed at the beginning of a game, on the come-out roll – the first roll of the dice in a game of Craps. What you might not know, however, is that placing a Pass Line bet puts you in the best position possible at the start of each game, giving you a favourable house edge of just 1.41%. The only way you can lose is if a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, or if a 7 is rolled after the point has been established. What that means for you is more winning opportunities, and more rewards as well – all with just one bet.

3. And take the Come bet as well
Just as the Pass Line bet is the best bet to place on the come-out roll, so too is the Come bet another profitable way to play at the beginning of a game. Place a Come bet and you’ll win even money on a 7 or an 11, lose on a 2, 3 or 12, and have a point established on a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. If the point is re-rolled before a 7 comes up, you’ll win even money on your bet, giving you more ways to win than lose. Throw in another house edge of 1.41% and you’re golden!

4. Bet the opposite sometimes
We’ve just encouraged you to place Pass Line and Come bets – but it can be just as rewarding to bet against these options too sometimes. Place a Don’t Pass bet, and you’ll win on a 2 or a 3, lose on a 7 or 11, and go to a push on a 12 – the exact opposite of a Pass Line bet. You’ll also have a very decent house edge of 1.36% as well, making it very worth your while. The same goes for a Don’t Come bet, with an even money win on a 2 or a 3, a loss on a 7 or 11, and a push on a 12. If a point is established however, you’ll win even money if a 7 comes up before the point is re-rolled. What’s more, you’ll have a house edge of 1.41% along with your Don’t Come bet, proving that sometimes it pays to be contrary!

5. Go for the Odds
And by that, we mean the Free Odds bet, an additional bet you’ll be able to place once a point has been established. Not only is it the best bet you’ll be able to place in Craps, it has a house edge of zero. That’s right, ZERO! Which means a massive winning opportunity for you. So when you see your chance, take it. You can thank us later.

6. Double up on Come bets
Want to take your Craps strategy to the next level? Then do what the pros do and place not one, but two Come bets after you’ve made your initial Pass Line bet. What this will do is give you three bets on the table at the same time, a system that many professional players agree is an ideal one. Good things come in threes, as the saying goes, so it might be worth putting this strategy to the test and seeing whether or not it pays off in winnings!

7. Avoid Proposition bets
Something else the pros agree on is Proposition bets – in terms of avoiding them as much as possible. Proposition bets are the type of Craps bets decided on just one roll of the dice, and as such, can be hugely risky. The payouts of up to 30 to 1 may seem tempting, however these are balanced with a significant house edge, so it’s best to stay as far away as possible, no matter how inviting they might be at the time. Proposition bets include any Craps (2, 3 or 12) or Craps 11, and any 2, 3, 11 or 12. Rather go for a Pass Line/Don’t Pass or a Come/Don’t Come bet and leave the Proposition bets well enough alone. Your bankroll will thank you.

8. Avoid Hardways bets too
Hardways bets might seem like fun to place, but they’re not so much fun when you’re on the losing end of a bet gone wrong. And with a house edge of roughly 10% on Hardways 4, 6, 8 and 10 bets, you might be losing more than you ultimately win. They’re challenging bets for sure, and they might make you feel like a pro when you play, but if you’re looking to manage your bankroll responsibly, you might want to look elsewhere on the Craps table to place your bets.

9. Ditto for Big 6 and Big 8
If you’re looking to go big or go home, Big 6 and Big 8 aren’t the way to do it. These bets carry a house edge of 9.09%, and they only pay out even money if you end up winning. That’s not to say you can’t bet on 6 or 8 in Craps – but if you’re in the mood for betting on them, rather go for a Place 6 or Place 8 bet instead. You’ll give yourself a great house edge of just 1.52%, and you’ll be looking at a potential payout of 7 to 6 on a winning bet too. Far more rewards, far less risk.

10. Always remember the golden rule.
It’s one that has nothing to do with odds and statistics and everything to do with you. FUN! Whichever bet you place, whichever roll of the dice you’re looking for, you need to be having fun. That’s your indicator of whether your session is successful or not, regardless of how much you might win or lose. So get your bets lined up, get your bankroll in place, and get ready to have FUN!

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