Delaware Gaming Revenue Up

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We’re in a very challenging period for Internet gambling. A few states in the US have legalized it, and many others are considering it. With all eyes on those states, Delaware is turning some decent profits.

Delaware has announced that in the month of April, online gaming generated a little over $240,000, compared to $206.833.42 in March. When you consider the fact that Delaware has a little under a million residents, that’s pretty impressive. Broken down, Delaware Park generated $180,900.37, Dover Downs generated $48,553.31, and Harrington Raceway generated $11,042.36.

This differs from New Jersey and Nevada, the other states where online gambling is legal. In both New Jersey and Nevada, revenue has been both up and down. Delaware is the only state that has had a gradual increase in revenue since they legalized online gaming. However, Nevada generated far more money than Delaware. In April, Nevada generated $792,000. New Jersey beat them both, raking in a massive $11.4 million in April.

What does this prove? Well, the drop between March and April was 15% for Nevada and roughly 9% for New Jersey, but the fact remains that online gambling is a major source of revenue for these states.

When you look at the overall picture, though, the numbers may not be as high as other states are hoping. One thing’s for sure: Internet gambling remains a complement to, rather than an opponent of, land-based casinos.

Expect both New Jersey and Nevada to offer promotions to drive more customers in, such as no deposit bonuses. Though the numbers are slightly down, they’re still viewed as mostly positive, and they prove that online gaming definitely generates revenue.

California, a state that desperately needs to find a new source of income, is closer than ever to legalizing Internet gambling. There’s one huge difference when it comes to California, and that’s the sheer amount of people that live there.

Delaware has a little under a million residents, Nevada has 2.7 million residents (and thousands of unique tourists each month), and New Jersey has 8.89 million residents. California dwarfs all of those, and has more residents than all three states combined, then tripled.

California has an unbelievably staggering 38 million residents. Assuming the resident-to-revenue ratio that New Jersey put out holds true, California could expect to average around $41 million each month, or $486 million annually, should they legalize Internet gambling.

While revenue is fluctuating between the states, they’re still posting some pretty big numbers. California is in the position to set the bar for the highest amount of revenue raised by Internet gambling. Should they legalize Internet gambling and post some large numbers, expect more states in the United States to legalize Internet gambling.

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