Delaware Now Supports Mac Gaming

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Earlier this week, the Delaware Lottery Office made a shocking announcement. It was something completely unexpected, something that made the world stand up and take notice. The Delaware Lottery Office announced that their websites are now Macintosh compatible.

This is worrying for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, this isn’t 1996. Prior to the turn of the century, it wasn’t uncommon to get errors informing the user that their browser or operating system wasn’t supported. If were on the Internet in the ‘90s, you undoubtedly remember these warnings when trying to use any browser other than Internet Explorer (like Netscape Navigator).

This announcement shows exactly how slow to update websites some people can be, and this could seriously hurt the movement to legalize and regulate online gaming.

By not supporting Macintosh users, Delaware is alienating its user base, and really, they’re taking money out of their own product. There are users out there that want to play, but they aren’t allowed to through no fault of their own.

Still, the Delaware Lottery Office, rather than being embarrassed, is proud of this announcement. Included with this system update is four new blackjack games.

Online gaming has been legal in Delaware since October. That means that for the past eight months, day by day, the state of Delaware has been losing money by not offering online gaming to Macintosh users. Now that Macintosh users are able to take advantage of sites running no deposit bonus promotions, revenue will undoubtedly go up.

This whole situation is sure to delight Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas billionaire who will stop at nothing to derail the movement to legalize online gaming.

The few states that have legalized online gaming are playing a huge role in the quest to legalize online gaming in the United States. While other states have their eyes locked directly on the revenue that online gaming is bringing in, Delaware has been preventing those that actually want to play from doing so.

Don’t get me wrong – Delaware is not a huge state. The total population of the entire state of Delaware is less than a million people. What’s more worrying is the fact that this issue still exists in 2014.

If online gaming is to go forward, everyone needs to get on the same page. Systems need to be updated, and people shouldn’t have to ever read “sorry, your system is not compatible” with a webpage ever again. This not only hurts the state’s revenue, but it also hurts the chances of other states legalizing online gaming.

Now that Mac users are free to play online games, the state should see a bump in revenue. Let’s hope that other states aren’t this far behind the technology curve.

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