Desktop vs mobile – Which one do you prefer?

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Desktop vs mobile – the battle of the online slots

Bold, bright and packed with jackpots – who doesn’t love playing online slots? Whether you’re a fan of classic, video, or progressive slots, you’ll always find hundreds to choose from at your online gambling site of choice, all featuring the latest sound, graphics and thrilling bonus features.

So it’s settled then – online slots provide hours of gambling fun and first-class entertainment. But what’s not so cut and dried is the way to play them. Is it better to play the traditional desktop version of slots, or is playing via mobile device the only way to go these days? Opinions differ, as you can imagine, so we thought we’d take a closer look at this hot slots topic.

From desktop to mobile – the evolution of slots gaming

When the first online casino site opened up shop in the late ‘90s, players flocked to their desktop computers to enjoy the convenience of round-the-clock gaming in their own homes. Finally there was an alternative to physically going to a brick and mortar casino – all players had to do was open an online account, log into their software, and they could play their favourite games any time, day or night. From Blackjack and Roulette to Craps, Baccarat and more, any game players enjoyed at land-based casinos, they could now enjoy online as well – including hundreds of new and exciting slots games, easier to play and more accessible than ever before!

Fast forward a few short years, and online gambling technology had evolved even further, moving from desktop computers to cellphones, tablets and more, giving players the ultimate in gaming convenience, flexibility and availability. Now there was no need to even wait to play at home – just click a few buttons on your phone or tablet and you had direct access to your favourite games instantly. And while early mobile casino builds had a smaller range of games to choose from initially, today they feature just as many online games as their desktop counterparts. So which platform is best? Bear with us – we’re getting there.

Is there really a difference?

Good question. To answer it, we’ll have to take a more in-depth look at the features of online slots play as a whole.

They’re accessible. When it comes to portability, obviously mobile casinos win instantly. If you want to play slots on your morning commute, on holiday, in the park, wherever, it’s far easier to do so on a phone or a tablet – unless you’re a fan of dragging your laptop everywhere. That doesn’t mean you have to be out and about though. If you’re happy playing at home, you can just as easily log on via your mobile device or your desktop computer, and have yourself a grand old time. In terms of choice, however, not every desktop online casino has a mobile version, and if they do, they may not have quite as many games as the downloadable version. So mobile wins on portability, desktop wins on choice. Mobile: 1. Desktop: 1.

They offer generous bonuses. One of the best parts of signing up to play online slots for real money is the new player welcome bonus you’ll immediately qualify for. Some offer free spins, some offer free cash, some offer a deposit bonus, and some offer a combination of all three and more. Whether you choose to sign up with a desktop casino or a mobile casino, you’ll receive a bonus either way, so you’ll always be in the money, no matter what your choice of platform. However! In order to incentivise players to sign up with a relatively new online gambling offering, some mobile casinos offer players an exclusive bonus that won’t be available to desktop players, whether in the form of extra free spins, extra bonus cash, or some other type of tempting reward. Use your bonus wisely and your bankroll could soon reap significant rewards as a result. Mobile: 2. Desktop: 1.

They provide a quality gaming experience. While equally dependent on the quality of the slots game offered by the actual gaming provider, both mobile and desktop slots are generally agreed to be of premium quality, offering cutting-edge graphics and crystal-clear sound. Where desktop computers might edge ahead slightly is in the usability factor – as if your device’s screen or controls are too small, you may find yourself pressing the wrong button by mistake, accidentally making the wrong choice, or not being able to see the action clearly enough. Which could leave you wishing for your desktop casino instead. Mobile: 2. Desktop: 2.

They’re easy to connect to. Yay for Wi-fi and speedy internet connections. Now thanks to wireless internet or fast 4G, you can connect to your online casino from both your desktop and your mobile with no hassles at all. Of course, if you’re out of Wi-fi range, or you have a slow mobile 3G connection, you might have to use your mobile data, which could incur an additional expense. What’s more, if you’ve left your phone or tablet charger at home, your game play could drain your battery after a while, depending on your device – so you’ll need to make sure your mobile device is fully charged before you start placing your bets. Mobile: 2. Desktop: 3.

While it might look as if desktop has edged slightly ahead in the final score, actually there’s no correct answer as to which form of online slots gaming is best. And if it comes down solely to portability and convenience, then mobile wins hands down – due in no small part to the fact that our mobile phones are hardly ever out of our hands!

Ultimately however, all it depends on is the type of player you are, and the type of experience you’re looking for. And there’s no rule that says you have to choose one or the other – if you want to play at your favourite casino from your desktop at home, then log on from your mobile when you’re on holiday, then go right ahead. Online gambling has evolved fantastically over the years, giving you even more gambling choices than ever before. So whether you’re a fan of only desktop, only mobile, or a combination of both, you’ll be able to play your way, any time of day!

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William Butler
11 months ago

Playing in online casinos from mobile phones or smartphones has many advantages, but there are five main reasons why users prefer these particular access devices. Let’s consider them.

The first reason why some of the visitors come to the site from mobile devices is convenience. A smartphone is always at hand, wherever a gambler is. Playing in travel mode means being able to make decisions and act to benefit your budget anywhere, anytime.

The second reason for the popularity of the mobile version of online casino sites is the ability to play all day long. Some gamblers cannot live an hour without playing at least one slot machines or gambling simulators. In addition, a long gaming session increases the chances of winning, because before you can harvest a good harvest, you need to “feed” the slot with money.

The third reason to play online casinos from your smartphone is safety. Protecting your smartphone from viruses and malware is easier than protecting your computer. Today, there are many special antivirus programs for smartphones on different platforms that make visiting any site on the network safe. But it’s still better to trust trusted sites.

The fourth reason for the popularity of playing slots and simulators from mobile devices is the availability of mobile versions of gaming sites. Such resources are developed taking into account the peculiarities of mobile platforms and are ideally displayed on the compact screen of smartphones. Thanks to this, playing slots from a smartphone using the mobile version of the site is just as convenient as on a computer with a large monitor.

The fifth argument in favor of playing slot machines from a smartphone is the ability to join the game at any time when intuition dictates. Practice shows that it is best to play in an online casino by inspiration, and not when a computer or laptop is at hand. Having caught an internal impulse during the day, you need to act immediately, and a smartphone in this case is simply irreplaceable.