The Dragonz Slot is Fire!

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Now this is a goodie…. The new Dragonz slot from Microgaming! I’m thinking of it as a Daenery’s from Game of Thrones-themes slot. I mean, you certainly have your dragon fix and the medievalesque background reminds me of a simpler time. I guess you could say this slot is a bit relaxing to play.

dragonz slot screenshotNow on to the good stuff. The graphics are absolutely amazing, you feel as though you’re actually there. They’re very generous with their payouts and you even have the chance to win up to 3500x your wager. Of course, there is a 4 free spins mode offering different wilds per spin.

Dragonz has Wilds and Scatters like no other offering more winning combinations and free spins to keep the game interesting. You will find “Flint” who will give you 10 free spins with Flaming Wilds increasing the number each time. “Switch” also doles out free spins however, he only stores non-winning wilds meaning, when 3 or more Wilds are collected, they get randomly distributed.

Well…. What are you waiting for? Check it out!

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