Facial Recognition is Being Used More Than You Think!

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Has anyone ever seen the movie Minority Report starring Tom Cruise? Circa 2002? Well, just think of that movie and implement its technology into casinos, because that’s what’s actually happening right now!

A small group of casinos (who have chosen to remain anonymous) are currently using facial recognition technology. They are remaining silent because although they are gathering the information and implementing the technology, they are still figuring out how to use it within the lines of the law. This technology is still in early stages of testing.

While it sounds scary, when you really think about it, this technology could be extremely beneficial for both players and casinos. Facial recognition technology could prohibit underage gambling by essentially ridding the power of a fake I.D.
This technology could also target and intervene between at-risk gamblers, gamblers with an addiction and even dangerous individuals trying to enter the casino.

What do you think? Friend or foe?

Happy Spinning 🙂


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