Full Tilt Owner Intends to Expand into Online Casino Market

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Full Tilt Poker, the world’s second largest online poker room, next to PokerStars – both of which are owned by the Rational Group – has been under intense scrutiny for the last 24 hours when rumors erupted that the popular trademark may be rebranding itself as Full Tilt Gaming. Clarifying the situation, the poker room’s parent company made an official announcement regarding the expansion of its incredibly successful internet gaming operation. According to a statement from the Rational Group, it’s been confirmed that FTP will be intensifying its gambling opportunities by integrating casino style games into its online poker suite.

The statement also confirmed that the company’s leading poker network, PokerStars, has no intentions to pursue any other gambling venues outside of its already immensely popular live and online poker offerings. As the world’s leading poker site, PokerStars will remain a global card gaming destination. For the Rational Group, dipping its hands into anything outside of live and online poker will be a first for the company, who’s spent the last 12 years maintaining its singular focus.

The statement released this morning explained that “The Rational Group intends to expand our product offering to include casino style games on Full Tilt Poker.” The statement went on to reveal that, “While adding new games, we remain committed to building our leadership in poker with PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker and continuing to deliver the highest quality poker experience to players.”

Speculations as to whether FTP intended to expand its online gambling offerings became apparent on Monday as reports circulated as to the impending re-branding of Full Tilt Poker. It was rumored that the company would become known as Full Tilt Gaming; a name that quickly led to the assumption that more gambling opportunities were on the way. The only thing missing from Tuesday’s corroborating statement was any precise measure of just what new gambling amusements Full Tilt would be delving into. It’s safe to assume that online slots, table games and video poker will be on the menu, but there is always the potential for expanding well beyond casino style games into divisions such as online sports betting, bingo, lotteries and other skill games.

“These new games on Full Tilt will provide more gaming options with the same high quality player experience, integrity, security, safety and support that players have come to expect from our brands,” the statement read, following up with the assurance that, “PokerStars will continue to offer a poker-only experience.” It is interesting to note that the Rational Group continually referred to its operation as “Full Tilt”, rather than “Full Tilt Poker”, all but confirming the hypothetical reports of impending re-branding as “Full Tilt Gaming” as well.

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