Green Bay Packers Fans Making Record Bets at Bodog

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It’s been a tumultuous post-season for many football fans as we draw closer and closer to what has, thus far, been a very unpredictable Super Bowl XLV. While most experts were calling for a Falcons / Patriots showdown, both conference leaders were knocked out in their first playoff match-ups. Now the Green Bay Packers seem to be getting the most attention.

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According to Bodog Sports, Packers fans are making waves this year by placing an unprecedented amount of wagers on this upcoming weekend’s NFC Championship game against the Chicago Bears. It’s already stacking up to be the most wagered on NFL game of the season. This, of course, causes concerns for officials in the state of Wisconsin as anti-gambling advocates fear problem gamblers will dig themselves insurmountably deeper into debt.

Chicago Bears fans are certainly making some noise as well, but Bodog Sports revealed a rather predictable lean towards the Packers this weekend. According to the online gambling site’s sportsbook manager, Richard Gardner, Green Bay is receiving 65% of the bets as cheese-heads lay down their cash to cover the 3.5 point spread.

“Every playoff game is very popular in terms of betting,” explained Gardner, “but this one will probably be one of our heaviest bet games of the season. However, it is still too early in the week to tell for sure. The fact that this is such a big rivalry game and how well the Packers have been playing as of late I am sure is influencing the volume of bets we are taking in.”

University of Wisconsin Green Bay professor of human development and psychology Dennis Lorenz, who focuses his studies on the behaviorism of sports bettors, had a different point of view. “It’s a very strong temptation for those who are problem sports gamblers,” said Lorenz. He commented that the Super Bowl is, of course, the most popular event for sports bettors across each NFL season, but that the playoff games that culminate into the Super Bowl are a solid excuse for bettors to get involved.

According to the professor, many sports gamblers feel the need to put money on contests because it makes them feel like they are a part of it, helping them to connect with the event. His reasoning states that problem gamblers who are loyal Packers fans will urge them to place bets in an effort to support their team.

“It’s going to be a little different this time,” Lorenz said, explaining that, “it’s our team… The temptation gets even stronger to participate.” He continued by saying that publicity and hype among friends and co-workers will make it even more difficult to pass on betting. “It’s like an open bar for an alcoholic.”

I should note at this point that, while all other forms of internet gambling are prohibited, online sports betting is perfectly legal in the state of Wisconsin; surely another forehead-slapper for the dear professor.

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