How to Hire a Private Plane

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One of the best parts of hitting an online casino jackpot is taking your transport to the next level. No more second-hand car – now it’s a supercar. No more scooters – now it’s a Harley. And no more squashed into an economy class cabin like an exhausted sardine – now it’s private jets and pure luxury all the way! But how does one even go about organising a private plane for the ultimate in first class travel? Let’s take a look.

If you’re not going to splurge and purchase your own private plane (and who would with the price of petrol what it is these days?) there are plenty of companies you can call to charter a flight. One such company is Great Flight, based out of Florida, in the USA. As a private charter company, Great Flight can organise you an exclusive trip anywhere, any time, and on any aircraft you like, from a Piper Meridian P46T Turbine to a Cirrus Sr22.

With a luxuriously appointed cabin interior, you can always be sure of a window seat for the best view – and no having to squeeze past strangers when you want to make use of the facilities either. Even better, there’s no tired ‘chicken or fish’ option – because it’s your choice as to what the crew serve you for meals, making every mouthful a delicious one and every bite a bespoke culinary experience. And if you want to sit back and relax undisturbed, the cabin crew will even provide you with a Bose headset, turning me-time into quality time.

What happens once you land? No waiting endlessly for queues of people to pull their bags out of the overhead compartments while you desperately search for a wi-fi signal. Instead, you’ll be whisked off the plane immediately into a waiting Uber Black Limousine, ensuring total luxury all the way to your final destination. Makes a change from waiting at baggage claim for what feels like hours, doesn’t it?

High flying luxury

Looking for something a little more niche (and perhaps a little more affordable)? Surf Air could be the right choice for you – a company that charters flights to and from private airports in California, Nevada and Texas. Less pricy than your regular private flight, Surf Air offers semi-private travel on a variety of different flights – although if there are no other passengers on the plane, it’s as good as a private jet, but without the exorbitant fees.

If you’re a frequent flyer and not looking to blow all your casino winnings every time you board a plane, this could be the right option for you. Plus with a selection of three monthly plans to choose from, it’s simple to budget for as well. Even better, Surf Air guarantees take-off within half an hour of your arrival at the airport, which means no hanging around the duty free all day, sniffing perfume to pass the time. Instead it’s up, up and away in minutes, and onwards to your luxury destination. And that’s what winning online casino jackpots is all about!

Happy Spinning 🙂

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