How to Play Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker

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Bonus Deuces Wild is an exhilarating video poker game that can be found at just about any land-based or online casino. This guide will specifically cohere to the rules and payouts of the Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker game found at all Microgaming online casinos.

What makes this game so attractive to online casino fans is that, as the name implies, all Deuces (2’s) are wild. When one or more 2’s appears in your cards, it is clearly marked WILD, so you shouldn’t have to worry about accidentally discarding one of these exceptional cards. A deuce can be used as a 2, or as any other card that would help to develop the best possible winning hand.

Because it becomes so much easier to win, the pay table is adjusted so that the lowest winning hand is a 3 of a Kind, not the usual Pair of Jacks or Better. A Five of a Kind is also possible, and the pay table awards different winnings for a Royal Flush with a Wild, and a Natural Royal Flush. There is also a Double feature that players can opt to play any time they achieve a winning hand.

Let’s take a look at the basic screen options of Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker.

  • Optional Coin Sizes: $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $5
  • Coins per Play: 1 to 5
  • Min / Max Bet: $0.25 / $25
  • Max Payout: 5000 Coins
  • Lowest Winning Hand: Any 3 of a Kind

How to Play Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker

Bonus Deuces Wild is very easy to play. You will start by selecting your coin size using the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons, then select how many coins to bet. Betting 5 coins is recommended for the highest payout percentage since a Natural Royal Flush pays higher than an evenly progressive multiple for betting all 5 coins. Clicking Bet Max will instantly start the game with 5 coins wagered. Otherwise, the player can click Bet One as many times as needed to place the desired bet, then click Deal to start the game.

Five cards are dealt face up. Note that Microgaming video poker games have an instant strategy applied wherein all cards that are most likely to produce a winning result are automatically HELD. You are NOT required to keep these cards. You can click any card to add or remove a HELD sign.

When ready, click the Deal button and all cards that are not marked HELD will be replaced with new cards. The resulting hand will either win or lose. If the hand wins, the pay table will be highlighted on the winning hand rank and corresponding payout. If the hand does not win, the bet is lost and a new game can be played.

Any time a player wins a hand of Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker at a Microgaming online casino, they are given the option to Double their winnings, or Collect their winnings. If the player clicks Collect, the winnings are paid and they can start a new game. If they choose to Double, a new High-Low game ensues.

Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker Double Feature

When a player chooses to play the Double feature, a simple game of High-Low begins. Five cards are dealt. The first card is played face-up, the rest face-down. The player must click on any one of the face-down cards. If the chosen card ranks higher than the first card, the player doubles their winnings from the previous video poker hand. If not, the bet is lost and the game returns to its normal video poker screen.

If the player wins the Double feature, they can choose to Double once more, or click Collect to take the winnings and return to the Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker game.

Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker Pay Table

Bet 1Bet 2Bet 3Bet 4Bet 5
Natural Royal Flush8001600240032005000
4 of a Kind 2s + Ace400800120016002000
4 of a Kind 2s2004006008001000
Wild Royal Flush255075100125
5 of a Kind As80160240320400
5 of a Kind 3s-5s4080120160200
5 of a Kind 6s-Ks1836547290
Straight Flush816243240
4 of a Kind48121620
Full House48121620
3 of a Kind12345
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