Iipay Nation Sets Precedent in California

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A couple of months ago, we reported about one group in California taking online gaming into its own hands. Now, we’ve got a bit more information on the issue.

The Iipay Nation tribe of Santa Ysabel announced their intentions a month or so ago, despite the fact that talks regarding legalization of online gambling in the state of California have been stalled for quite some time. Their site, which will allow for real month gambling, will go live sometime between the 26th and 28th of August.

They’re able to proceed because the Iipay Nation has the authority to offer Class II gaming from its reservation, despite any state laws. The next time that a bill to legalize online gambling in California will be disputed is in December.

This is huge news for several reasons. The first one is pretty obvious. California has the highest population of any state in the country. Texas come in a distant second with 26 million, but California reigns supreme with 38 million residents.

The second reason that this is huge news is because this is completely unheard of. Ahead of any state legislation, this group is going to go ahead and do what they want. California’s really strapped for cash, so the possibility remains that this could be a huge revenue generator for California. Keep in mind that this tribe will likely operate the site on a lower scale, so any results that they achieve should be multiplied, especially when you consider that larger sites will likely run no deposit promotions to bring in new visitors.

If it’s successful, it’ll provide a strong argument for the legalization of online gambling in California. The money will funnel back into California for much needed upgrades in a lot of different areas.

The rollout by the Iipay Nation Tribe is considered to be limited, or a beta test. They want to make sure that the model that they use is effective and meets regulations. After a couple of years, they expect other tribes in the state to duplicate their model.

For those lucky residents in California, rest easy – you’re able to take advantage of the site. There’s no catch, either. As long as you physically reside in the state and are playing from within the state’s borders, you’re good to go.

It’s interesting to see this group stand up and take charge like this. It’s a really bold move by the Iipay Nation tribe, and it’ll likely pay off, since residents won’t be able to gamble online anywhere else. Will it make a difference when it comes time to debate the legalization of online gambling in California? Perhaps, but it certainly won’t hurt matters. By the end of this year, the entire online gambling landscape could be changed.

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