Improve Your Success as a Sports Handicapper

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So many online sports betting enthusiasts rely on the self-professed brilliance of outside handicappers. How do you know how brilliant they are? Did they really do research on the competition, or did they flip and coin and post their picks? And how do you know if you can trust the win percentages some of them boast?

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Professional handicapping should be a long, involved process where multiple aspects are considered, calculated and weighed against one another to determine the most likely outcome of any contest. Would you rather bet a large sum of money on the hopes that a handicapper put that much time and effort into their betting picks, or would you rather do the research for yourself and go into your online sports wagering with the confidence that you at least performed due diligence to come up with your predictions?

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The fact is there are some very good handicappers out there. If you watch the pregame show to any NFL game, you’ll see the hosts making their football picks for the day. Some of them have great records, and certainly many of the pro handicappers online post genuine and impressive prediction records of their own. But you simply can’t trust every online sports betting handicapper on the web.

The sad thing is, many sports betting fans actually pay for their picks, and there’s no telling how many of these so-called pro handicappers are actually putting a good deal of time into their picks. Personally, if I want to bet on a match-up, I would prefer to do my own research on the subject.

For instance, we have the Super Bowl coming up in just over a month. If I wanted to make a prop bet as to which teams would end up in the Super Bowl, or who will go on to win the Super Bowl even, I would look not just at the win/loss records of each team, or who scores the most points on average, but at less obvious influences like injuries and one-on-one player match-ups, like corner back versus receiver for all potential face-offs up to the Super Bowl.

I would want to know what kind of success a particular team has had against specific opponents. Maybe one team has beaten everyone in the NFC East time and again, but can’t seem to beat anyone from NFC West. This is all important information that I would take into account, and this spans all types of sporting events.

Next time you want to use a handicapping service for your online sports bets, by all means compare the betting picks, and their relative data that brought them to that decision, but don’t stop there. Put a little more effort into your betting predictions and, barring any fluke victories, your win percentage and bankroll with both be strutting success.

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