Indian Tribe Launches Own Online Gambling Site

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In today’s world, technology is king. It seems like everyone has their own website, and each site can cover a variety of topics. One topic that has been taboo, though, is Internet gambling.

The reason that Internet gambling hasn’t been covered is because, in most states, it’s illegal. That list includes California, even though they’re considering legalizing and regulating online gambling in the near future. That’s not stopping one Indian tribe, though.

The lipau Nation of Santa Ysabel has set up their own Internet gambling site, even though it’s strictly prohibited in California law. The tribe said that they’re within their legal right to set up the site, and the Gaming Commissioner of San Ysabel, David Vialpando, has approved it.

The site, which is only open for residents of California that are 18 and older, aims to improve the employment rate for those on the reservation at Santa Ysabel. In addition to helping the unemployed, Vialpando says that a lot of the funding will go towards repairing local roads and buildings.

The move has some greatly upset, including the Gamblers Anonymous for San Diego. They say that online gambling leads to suicide attempts, bankruptcy, or imprisonment. If you’ve read other articles on this site, you already know that a recent study showed that those that gamble online show more restraint than those that gamble in land-based casinos, so you know this isn’t a valid argument.

California has two bills that would legalize online gambling. If legalized, California would be the biggest indicator as to how much money a state can bring in through online gambling. Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware have already legalized online gambling, and they’re reaping the benefits.

Vialpando hopes that this serves as a framework for Internet gaming in California. By serving as an example of what the revenue brought in by Internet gaming can do, he hopes that the state realizes that they’re missing out on a big opportunity. Paired with no deposit bonus promotions, California stands to make a lot of money off of online gambling from its 38 million residents.

It will be interesting to see if the site has an impact on whether or not California legalizes online gambling. Several other states, including Pennsylvania, are poised to legalize online gaming. If it’s legalized in Pennsylvania and California, it’ll be a matter of time before it’s legalized everywhere else.

Once lawmakers have hard data about the money that the site brings in for the tribe in San Diego, it’ll be hard for them to deny the benefits of online gambling. Thanks to advancements in technology, the argument about becoming addicted is no longer valid as sites have things in place that can prevent someone from spending too much money. We’re on the dawn of a very bright future for online gaming, and this tribe’s website may be the thing that convinces California to legalize it, which will set off a wave of states rushing to do the same.

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