Lindqvro Wins $300K From Dan Jungleman12 Cates

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It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air, but it’s the love of money that prompts this writer to pen today’s blog. I’m talking specifically about money lost to an unknown online poker player by a regular face on the high-stakes virtual felt.

Poker pro Dan Cates, better known as “Jungleman12” to the online poker community, played a rather interesting session of high stakes poker the other day with an opponent known simply as “Lindqvro”. After several hours of play, the session came to a close and Cates found himself down by about $300,000.

Throughout the course of the day, there were two pots taken by the incognito Lindqvro exceeding a value of $80,000.

Facing off at the $25/$50 PL Omaha tables, Cates held a Straight and Flush draw after the turn. Feeling confident, he pushed his stack all in. Lindqvro was quick to call, flipping over a set of 7’s. They agreed to run the River twice, but neither helped Cates, and the $88,071 pot was swept away from him.

A few hands down the line, Jungleman12, on the button, raised to $150. Lindqvro struck back with $450, and as the two battled for supremacy, it rose quickly to $4,050 before the flop came down – 8h-2s-7h. Lindqvro checked, and Cates fired in with a full pot bet of $4,050. Lindqvro called.

When Qd fell on the Turn, Lindqvro checked, enticing a half-pot bet from Cates, taking the bait. The unidentified player raised max, $40,500 and Cates pushed his stack again. Jungleman12 had plenty of outs, but couldn’t catch anything on the River to beat his opponent’s Two Pair. Another $82,214 went to Lindqvro.

Immediately the question arises – who is Lindqvro?

The episode is quite familiar, actually. The same type of story surfaced not too long ago when Viktor Blom showed up as Isildur1, jumping into high stakes poker games and winning or losing millions at a time. It wasn’t until Blom signed an endorsement deal to become a Team PokerStars Pro in December that he finally admitted his ownership of the Isildur1 name.

The little that we do know about Lindqvro is that the mysterious online poker player hails from Sweden, which has brought about more speculations of the newcomer’s moniker belonging to Viktor Blom, but the young Swede denied any connection to the username “Lindqvro”.

For the moment, we’ll just have to sit back and wait to see if Lindqvro continues to outshine known poker pros at the high stakes tables. If this moniker continues to make waves, the true identity behind it will surely emerge eventually.

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