Living that High Roller Life!

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What’s the big deal about being a high roller? Is it just the thrill of coming into a casino, online or otherwise, and dropping huge amounts of cash every time to bet max? Or is it something else?

We probably don’t even need to answer that – of course it’s something else. When you can afford the high life, there’s more to betting than simply spending a lot of cash – it’s about what you get in return for your loyalty, and your casino spend. And, as you’re about to find out, what you get back is a whole lot of awesomeness. Want to see how the other half live? Let’s take a look.

All of the bonuses
Whether you’re a high roller or not, you can always look forward to casino bonuses as a real money player, from welcome bonuses to referral bonuses, payment bonuses, loyalty bonuses and more. The only difference between these and VIP bonuses, is that those offered to high rollers are on a whole other level.

First there’s the high roller welcome bonus, one you’ll only qualify for if you’re able to deposit the usually huge amount to claim it. Then there are the cash back bonuses which offer higher rates than usual to VIPs, the reload bonuses often worth huge amounts, the anniversary bonuses, birthday bonuses, entries into tournaments and competitions, and gifts too. All reserved for high rollers, and all high value too.

But where are these bonuses? They aren’t advertised on casino websites – how do you know they even exist? Well, when you’re a high roller you don’t do things like ordinary players. You don’t claim bonuses from the home page – instead you go straight to casino support and ask them about their selection of high roller deals and VIP bonuses, and go from there. Now that’s what exclusivity is all about!

Making it rain with cash back
You know how you have to meet certain requirements in order to receive cash back? As a VIP, there are no requirements you need to meet – all you have to do is play, and you’ll get cash back in your pocket.

Yes, it might sound too good to be true, but it is definitely a thing. As a high roller, all you need to do is wager at the casino as usual, and you’ll get cash back just for playing. That’s because when you’re a VIP, your cash back is calculated according to the bets you place, so when you’re spending large amounts of cash, you’ll get a significant amount back in return – all calculated to keep you happy, keep you playing, and keep you coming back for more. How much cash back can a high roller expect to receive? While amounts do differ between casinos, usually VIP cash back starts at 10 – 15% of the wager value, sometimes going all the way up to 25% for whales (really really big spenders). Money back just for playing? Sign us up! (Once we can afford it, of course…)

Sneak previews
Imagine how you’d feel being able to watch the new series of Game of Thrones before anyone else in the world? Well, that’s a feeling that high rollers get whenever a new online video slot comes out, as, due to their VIP status, they’re always given first look. That’s right – there’s no queuing and no chaos to get in there before anyone else. Instead, high rollers are given first pick and complete exclusivity, and are allowed to trial hot new slots at their casino before the hordes descend. What’s more, since high rollers are likely to spend more than regular players, the limits are adjusted for them as well, adding to their priority status. How’s that for living the VIP life?

All access, all the time
Being a high roller isn’t just about being treated like a VIP in the casino, it’s also about being treated like a legend in the real world as well. And that means being offered invitations to exclusive events, being taken away on holiday, going to movie premieres, and much more. Spend a lot of money in the casino and you’ll be treated like a king, with all your needs catered to, and a world of glittering excitement at your feet. What exactly can you look forward to? Here are just some of the delights that could be on offer:

Hot ticket invites: Entry to the biggest and best parties around, filled with A-list celebs. Ever wanted to rub shoulders with your film or sporting idols? Now you can!
VIP gambling rooms: Your own private gambling room at land-based casinos, far from regular players and rookies. No riffraff to deal with – just elite, sophisticated gambling at its best.
VIP parking: Exclusive free parking at your land-based casino of choice, so you don’t need to worry about mundane things like searching for a parking space.
First-class transport: Although who needs to worry about parking when the casino will organise limousines, town cars, party buses and even private jets for you. So this is what it’s like to live the high life!
The key to the city: When you finally reach your destination, get ready for red carpet treatment all the way. Reservations for the best hotels, shorter waiting times at popular venues, free meals at gourmet restaurants, and citywide discounts too. It’s good to be the king!

Speedy withdrawals
You know how you have to wait a few days for your money to clear whenever you request a casino withdrawal? High rollers don’t. That’s because as VIP players, high rollers enjoy preferential treatment when it comes to banking, which includes higher deposit limits, a wider range of deposit options, increased withdrawal limits, and, best of all, speedier withdrawal times too. Less waiting, more spending – and, if you’re a whale, often lower wagering requirements for bonuses and promotions as well. It’s a whole other type of casino experience, and it’s one that we could get used to!

With all this, and special attention from your own dedicated customer support manager too, it’s easy to see why VIP status is so coveted in casinos. Sure, you have to start and keep spending a lot of money to become a high roller, but with so many perks in place, it’s an enviable position to have. So if you’re ever in a space where you’re able to move from standard play to VIP play, take the leap. As you can see, the rewards are more than worth it!

Happy Spinning 🙂

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