Nevada Bets Big on the Olympics

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five months, you know that sports betting is one of the hottest topics in the online gambling world. While it’s legal in Nevada, it’s illegal elsewhere. Governor Chris Christie was extremely close to legalizing it in New Jersey, but the big four sports leagues squashed that.

Online sports betting is a huge topic right now, and for good reason. The issue of online gambling is heating up, and the quest to legalize online sports betting is heating up as well.

A couple of months ago, we talked about how unfortunate it was that New Jersey couldn’t hammer out a quick agreement with the major sports leagues in time for the Super Bowl, because if they did, it’d be a huge pay day. One place did enjoy that pay day, though, and that was in Nevada. This year’s Super Bowl was the second highest event in the history of sports betting, raking in an estimated $116 million.

Now, Nevada’s going double or nothing next year by legalizing Olympics betting.

In a move that was supported by pretty much everyone, Nevada voted to allow Olympic sports bbetting next year. Nevada joins several countries that already allow Olympic betting, such as Great Britain, Australia, and Ireland.

If the industry is unable to agree to terms and sports betting isn’t legalized in any other state by 2016, Nevada’s going to be the only place in the country where you can legally bet both in-person and online on the Olympic games. It’s unknown whether sites will offer no deposit bonuses for those that sign up specifically to bet on the Olympic games, but given that people are going to fly to Nevada from all over the country just to bet on the games, it’s almost a certainty.

You can guarantee that regulators from all over the country will have their eyes firmly glued to how the Olympic games perform. While it’s expected for the championship games of dedicated sports to be successful in terms of money wagered, the true test of the lucrativeness of online sports betting will come with Olympic betting.

It didn’t take long for the odds to get released. Shortly after the announcement, William Hill, controller of more than 100 sports books and a mobile betting app, released the odds almost immediately after the vote.

If you live in Nevada, you can already begin placing your bets. In fact, we encourage you to do so. As with everything in this country, you speak with your money – if you support online gambling and online sports betting, go ahead and place your bets.

The money wagered on Olympic games has the potential to put the numbers raised from the Super Bowl to shame, and this single event could change the entire history of online gambling.

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