New Jersey Online Revenue Continues to Soar

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For the past few months, we’ve been tracking the upward trend in New Jersey’s online gaming revenue, and it’s revealed some interesting things.

For starters, doubters of online gambling have largely been put in their place, because revenue has been on an upward trend for the past four months. Not only that, but for March 2015, New Jersey obliterated previous records.

For March 2015, New Jersey generated $13.2 million in Internet gambling revenue. This is up more than 10% from March 2014’s total, and, in fact, New Jersey’s $13.2 million is almost 10% of the entire revenue generated by Internet gambling in the state of New Jersey for the entire year of 2014.

It’s also revealed another surprising figure: players are starting to move away from online poker and onto other games.

For March 2015, online poker revenue was down 30.6 percent. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as they’re just changing over to other games – and it could easily be explained.

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Unfortunately, those outside of New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada can’t enjoy our listings. Rest assured, if the online gambling industry continues its upward trend – and with the passing of the new credit card code, it likely will – people in other states will soon be able to come here and get information on the best no deposit bonus promotions on the Internet.

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