New Jersey Posts January Profits

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New Jersey has had its fair share of ups and downs in the world of online gambling, but it appears that they’re riding a wave of success as of late. About a month ago, we reported that profits exploded for New Jersey in December. In a report published on February 13th, it appears that the trend has continued.

Revealed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, New Jersey managed to rake in $11.6 million for the month. This is a 22.3% increase from the $9.5 million that they made in the same month last year.

This is great for two reasons. First, and most importantly, it helps out New Jersey. They had a rough 2014, and they were forced to close several land-based casinos. Online gambling sites stepped up, and thanks to a renewed interest in online gambling (and great no deposit promotions), they filled the void left by land-based casinos – and then some.

Also, this news is great because it’s going directly against everything that Sheldon Adelson and his group of people that oppose legalized online gambling are claiming. They say that it’s not secure, people don’t feel safe gambling online, it’s not profitable, etc. Now, all they can do is look at the numbers. They’re going to have to have a great public relations person to spin this for their own sake.

The news comes at a particularly important point in the history of online gambling. Sheldon Adelson’s recently defeated Restoration of America’s Wire Act bill has been reintroduced for 2015, and they’re once again on a quest to ban online gambling. They face an increased opposition – people are starting to see directly through to their real agenda, and now that more states are opening up to online gambling, they’re seeing the true benefits and are realizing exactly how harmful that the Restoration of America’s Wire Act is to not online fans of online gambling, but to states in general.

February will be the true test for New Jersey. If February profits continue to trend upward, Sheldon Adelson will lose some serious ground. Profits soaring for three months in a row shows that people are definitely interested in online gambling, and it may trigger other states to fast track the legalization of online gambling in their own state.

This also bodes well for the potential legalization of sports gambling in New Jersey. As you’ve undoubtedly heard, legalized sports gambling has been tied up in legal red tape for several months due to the big leagues not supporting the bill as it was proposed. If the trend continues, we’ll likely see sports gambling legalized sooner rather than later.

As of this writing, Nevada’s total for January was unavailable, but it’ll likely be high. Nevada’s total for February will get a massive boost thanks to the Super Bowl, and we can only hope that New Jersey will have a similar boost for February.

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