New Shuffle Master i-Table for Blackjack

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Computerized blackjack programs are nothing new to us. We’ve been playing these types of games since the 1970’s; online blackjack since the 1990’s. But as is always the case, technological advancements will continue to produce more expedient and true-to-life ways to play blackjack, online and otherwise.

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Thanks to the introduction of the new I-Table from Shuffle Master, brick and mortar casinos are now able to present a fresh, cost-effective way to play electronic blackjack in a very realistic format. I-Tables allow live casinos to present a real blackjack table without the need of actual casino chips.

Through ingenious programming, players use electronic betting, which in turn presents electronic payouts that lack the possibility of human error and speed up the game play significantly. A live dealer is still used, shuffling the cards and dealing in the same manner we are used to at most Las Vegas style casinos, but both human error and potential cheating are eliminated.

The electronic blackjack betting style not only doles out chips properly, it also tracks each player and their game play. By doing so, casino operators are able to pin point VIP members, which could translate to a lot more comps for players who might be otherwise overlooked.

Another key point of the player tracking technology – one that is most beneficial to the casinos, but maybe not so much for more intelligent blackjack players – is its ability to uncover card counters. The I-Table software keeps up with a player’s skill level and even offers player rankings, but in doing so will highlight anyone counting cards to the security department.

Another major benefit for casinos is reduced overhead. There is notably less supervision required at a blackjack table where the chips are automatically processed.

What does all of this mean for online blackjack casinos? At the moment, the software is entirely too involved and weighty to be considered for mobile betting devices, but it may be coming to online blackjack casinos in the near future.

Then again, online blackjack fans, and mobile blackjack players alike, are already able to enjoy live dealer blackjack games over the internet from a multitude of reputable online casinos. Likely the expense of integrating I-Table technology into an online blackjack venue will determine how soon, if ever, this style of blackjack gaming may show up on the internet.

Shuffle Master’s new I-Table format was designed to be integrated into all styles of pit games, including Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker, and due to its versatility, may soon be available for a much wider range of casino games.

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