A Night With Cleo Win!

Posted By: Date: 05/29/2017 at 3:38 pm Leave a comment

Another reason to love video slots! The famous “A Night With Cleo” Slot just paid out 180K on a Progressive Jackpot! Not to namedrop here but, we want to congratulate Juan S. from Texas who played at Bovada Casino a couple weeks ago! He did end up depositing $50 and received $50 from Bovada for joining. I’m sure you guys are familiar with Match Bonuses, when the casino matches the amount you deposit whether it by with a multiplier or a mere dollar amount.

Anywho…. Juan only spun the reels 6 times for $1 and ended up landing on the jackpot for $180,000! I’m sure he was over the moon that he joined Bovada Casino!

Which slot will you win your big jackpot at!? 😛

Happy Spinning Guys 🙂

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