Playtech Releases Marvel Roulette with Progressive Jackpot

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For years now, the only way to play roulette with a progressive jackpot was to sign-up with a Microgaming powered online casino and place wagers on the brand’s famous Roulette Royale. The game could become rather expensive, instigating a compulsory $1 side bet with every spin of the wheel. Now, thanks to the innovations of Playtech, there is a new roulette game on the market with a progressive jackpot that doesn’t require any additional wagers to win.

The game is called Marvel Roulette, possessing the same Marvel Comics super heroes theme as many of Playtech’s celebrated online slots. The casino game is played in the same fashion as European roulette, using the preferred single zero system, while presenting two unique bonus features called the Marvel Mystery Jackpot and the Marvel Bonus.

Marvel Mystery Jackpot

The Marvel Mystery Jackpot is a special feature with a progressive jackpot that can be triggered on any spin of wheel, regardless of whether the player wins any money on that spin or not. The stakes range anywhere from $0.10 up to $1,000, but it even matter how much a player wagers, or where their bets are placed.

It is true that a higher bet will increase the probability of triggering the Marvel Mystery Jackpot, but there is always a chance it will strike on each and every spin. When the Marvel Mystery Jackpot is triggered, a second screen takes over depicting 20 squares. The player will select squares, one at a time, until three matching symbols appear. There are four possible ways to match up the symbols, each awarding a different magnitude of the progressive jackpot.

  • Power Jackpot: The smallest of the prizes, the Power Jackpot starts at €50 and continues to grow until it is awarded.
  • Extra Power Jackpot: Starting 10x higher than the Power Jackpot, the Extra Power Jackpot starts at €500 and continues to grow until it is awarded.
  • Super Power Jackpot: The second largest of the prizes, the Super Power Jackpot starts at €5000 and continues to grow until it is awarded.
  • Ultimate Power Jackpot: The largest prize of all, the Ultimate Power Jackpot starts at €100,000 and continues to grow until it is awarded. Being triggered at random, it’s impossible to calculate the exact odds of winning the Ultimate Power Jackpot, but at present, it is averaging a payout of about €750,000 once every 80 days.

Marvel Bonus

This special bonus feature does require a specific bet in order to win. The Marvel Bonus is an actual position on the roulette wheel and table that players can bet on. If the ball drops in the Marvel Bonus slot, and the player has bet on this position, they are awarded with a second screen bonus that plays out like a slot machine.

The player is given three free spins on the slots. The symbols are images of Marvel’s famed super heroes, including Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, X-Men, Fantastic Four and Ghost Rider. Players are guaranteed to win at least 4x their original wager on the Marvel Bonus, up to as high as 99x for achieving the best combination on the reels.


Marvel Roulette is easily one of the most fascinating creations in the online casino industry to date. While so many brands are focusing on cookie-cutter slot machines, pasting new themes over tired mechanics, Playtech has actually devised something unique and incredibly attractive for table games enthusiasts. By omitting the need for an obligatory side bet ““ as found in the Microgaming version ““ there is no reason players shouldn’t choose Playtech’s Marvel variation for all of their roulette wagering pleasures.

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