PokerStars Launches Private Online Home Games

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Many of us used to gather round the kitchen table and play poker with our best buds, but lives can become hectic. We get married, we have children, time seems to slip away and those delightful, good natured home games become a thing of the past. But not anymore…

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If you can find just a little time to get to your computer, call up your friends and tell them to meet you at PokerStars for an exciting home game. PokerStars is already well known for setting the bar in the online poker industry, and its latest innovation will certainly appeal to a lot of long-time poker enthusiasts.

The introduction of the new PokerStars Home Games segment of the online poker room allows fans of the game to create their very own private clubs. As a club manager, you can customize and generate your own private club at PokerStars. Once your club is set up, you’ll just need to call up your buddies, give them the unique club number and password, and you’ll be throwing down cards and chips just like the old days (but with less clean-up!)

Not only can you sit down for an easy cash game, players can set up their own online poker tournaments; perfect for anyone with a lot of friends who want to get in on the action. Customization options allow for you to choose stakes anywhere from penny games up to $1/$2.

If you enjoy a good home game, but don’t have enough people in mind to get a good game going, PokerStars has fixed that problem too. The online poker site has incorporated the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, integrated directly into the application. Thus you can instantly invite any online friends from your social networking account.

PokerStars, as well as its biggest rival Full Tilt Poker, have offered the ability to open a private tournament for some time now, but the new addition of PokerStars Home Games sets a new precedence for playing poker with your friends. This is the first time players have had access to full customization of cash games, as well as integrated social media. has already launched the new Home Games software, and the real money site,, is expected to see the launch of Home Games later in the week. If you’re interested, but don’t already have an account with PokerStars, head over to the online poker room, download the software (available for PC and Mac) and register a free player account.

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