Railroad Express

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This one is similar to the recent launch of Gold Rush but with a twist. All aboard! Railroad Express is a 3-reel and 8 payline slot (bringing things back to simple, basic). The slot symbols are well laid out and include golden mountains, railroad builders, coal wagons and pistols. The nice thing about Railroad Express is that you can play for just one penny and go up to $1.6 leaving room for wagering.

When I sat down to play Railroad Express, I wasn’t expecting to think much of it. However, I found myself pretty wrapped up in the Gold Rush and experienced win after win! The Golden Mountain symbol is the scatter which was pretty frequent and generous. Landing on 3 of them in a row will give you extra spins which is titled as ‘The Golden Mountain Bonus’.

Landing on 3 Railroad Builder symbols in a row will also score you a win. While the payout isn’t as high as the Golden Mountain bonus, it’s still a welcome surprise. Lastly, getting 3 coal wagon symbols in a row brings you to the bonus game. I am happy to say, the bonus symbol pays out very well!

Ready to get your gold rush on?

Happy Spinning 🙂

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