Sheldon Adelson has renewed his fight against online gambling

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We don’t like to say we told you so, but..

Mere weeks after the failure of the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, which was Sheldon Adelson’s quest to stop online gambling once and for all, Sheldon Adelson has resurfaced. Perhaps he took the holiday season to rethink his strategy, or maybe he just slept it away – regardless, Adelson decided to make a journey to Washington D.C. Why, you ask? To push the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, of course!

Though he failed to push the bill through Congress at the end of 2014, he’s not giving up. As predicted, he’s schmoozing up lawmakers in an attempt to get their vote. His first stop? The Judiciary Committee.

It wasn’t just a random stop – Sheldon knows what he’s doing. You see, the Judiciary Committee is chaired by Representative Bob Goodlatte, a known opponent of legalized online gambling. In fact, he played a key role in 2006’s UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling EnForcement Act). He also met with other opponents of online gambling, including representatives from Virginia, Arizona, Texas, South Carolina, Iowa, Utaw, and Ohio – all states that haven’t been brought up in conversations in regards to legal online gambling, except for Ohio – they were pushing for an online lottery.

In this meeting, he and the other representatives conceded, stating that they just can’t compete with sites and their no deposit bonuses. Just kidding, he’s not that smart – he’s going to fight and lose more money. In fact, if reports that were published are to be believed, he’s forming a private group – a clique, of sorts – within the Judiciary committee. He was definitely amongst friends – he donated $90 million directly to GOP candidates – in one year.

At this point, you have to suspect that Adelson’s getting desperate. If you take a look at his record, it’s not that great:

• In 2012, Adelson donated millions of dollars in an effort to get Newt Gingrich in the White House. That didn’t work out so well.

• More recently, he financially backed former governor of Texas Rick Perry. Shortly afterward, he was indicted on charges of political corruption. At least pretend to be shocked.

• He decided to try to get in close with Senator Henry Reid, a noted Democrat. Why Henry Reid? Though he’s a Democrat, he’s in a position of power – and that’s what Sheldon wants. In exchange for Henry’s support, Adelson stated that he wouldn’t back Reid’s Republican opponents. Shortly after, Henry Reid had an exercise accident and broke his face and some of his ribs.

Unfortunately, this is where the story ends – or, rather, begins. This situation is very much fresh and just unfolding, so stay with us for all of your future financially backed politician and questionable decision making needs!

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