The Success of First Online Gambling Site in Las Vegas Indicates Pent up Demand

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The first fully state regulated online gambling website in the USA has started functioning on a thirty day trial period. Based in Las Vegas, it has received an enthusiastic response from players trying to login from all over the state, the country, and even Europe.

Station Casinos, a local Las Vegas casino company with 16 properties in the Las Vegas Valley, operates the site which is known as The casino, which is an online poker casino, started functioning on 1st May and received a great response right within the first few days. The online gambling site is being viewed as a test run to see the viability of online gambling sites in USA. It is hoped that there will be some clarity and factual information on the impact of online gaming on revenues as well as on gambling addiction. Casino companies, law makers, tech developers and activists have their eyes set on the web site to identify its benefits and its flaws. No incidents of fraud and cheating have been recorded so far.

Strict rules have been established to protect minors against addiction and to prevent fraud. The two issues that are of vital importance is that the users should be at least 21 years of age and located in Nevada at the time of playing the online game. The website is trying to use many high technology tools such as geospatial locators to help resolve these issues. Further news and clarity is expected to come in soon.

Bo Bernhard, the Executive Director of the International Gaming Institute at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, called the event a milestone. The website received a good response right on day one of its operations. After only 30 hours of the website’s operations, Tom Breitling, the Chairman of Ultimate Poker, announced its success. He reacted by saying that he was surprised to see the “pent-up demand” among poker players after learning about the interest in the site expressed by players. He also spoke about the “huge responsibility” the site had as it was the first to set the fashion in Nevada as well as other states. A. G. Burnett, the chairman of Nevada’s Gaming Control Board assured that comments and observations of users would be heeded.

There are many more companies that have obtained licenses to have online gambling operations. Nearly two dozen companies including big names like MGM Resorts International, Bally, and Caesars have applied. This news assures that many casino companies see a future in the online gambling scene in the USA. Companies can apply for online gambling operations through often through subsidiaries or with the help of strategic partners. They have to follow strict safety and security compliance norms in order to get licenses and start functioning.

The success of the site and other gambling will open doors for setting up online gambling sites in others states of U.S as well. As of now, only three states in USA grant permission for casinos to have online gambling operations. The bill to legalize online gambling is pending in the Congress. It is hoped that legalizing online gambling sites all over USA will generate added revenues.

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