The most expensive purchases ever made

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Hitting the jackpot on your favourite online casino game has to be one of the most thrilling experiences ever! We can think of something even more thrilling though – spending the oodles of money you’ve just won! Of course, with so many potential purchases to choose from, narrowing down the choices can be tricky. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you, and gathered a few facts on the most expensive purchases ever made. Take a look at just what some folks are willing to spend their cash on, and start drawing up your own jackpot shopping list today!

The History Supreme Yacht – $4.5 billion
A yacht? $4.5 billion spent on a yacht? What’s it made out of, solid gold? Actually, yes – and platinum too. For that price, we’re not surprised. What we are surprised about though is the décor crafted from meteorites and dinosaur bones – that’s not something you see every day. Are we sure John Hammond from Jurassic Park isn’t behind this one-of-a-kind vessel? Actually no, it’s Malaysian businessman Robert Kuok, who dropped some unbelievable coin on making the History Supreme Yacht the attention-grabber it is, 100 000kg of pure gold and all. You might not be able to make your multi-million casino jackpot stretch quite that far, but buying your own boat should definitely be on your list somewhere, right above ‘awesome yacht party’!

Antilia – $2 billion
Not into yachts? Then how about buying your own building instead, like the Antilia, valued at an eye-watering $2 billion. And no, before you ask, it’s not an office block – although with 34 storeys it should be. In actual fact, it’s a residential home, and an utterly palatial one at that. Owned by Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambiani, Antilia has been designed to be completely earthquake-proof, and boasts not one, but three separate helipads – because when you’re a billionaire, you can afford to be extra like that. Something else you can afford is a staff of six hundred people, and a parking garage large enough to house 160 cars. Yes, 160. Named after a mythical island, Antilia is anything but – instead it’s a very real, very expensive brick and mortar testament to what a lot of money and a lot of ideas can make happen. So add ‘new house’ to your list and let’s see exactly what kind of new doors you can start opening!

Ferrari GTO – $52 million
Ok, so far we’ve got you a yacht and a house. Now how about a car to match? And what better vehicle to drive off in than the Ferrari GTO, a steal at just $52 million. Don’t worry, this isn’t exactly a regular price tag for a Ferrari, as hugely luxurious as they are. In fact, this particular model is widely known to be the most expensive car in the world, with its value having increased exponentially since it was first made more than 55 years ago. Spoiler alert: you probably won’t be able to get your hands on it since it’s currently the property of an anonymous owner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your winnings to purchase your own supercar. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti – the world is your oyster!

Art Piece – $12 million
Yes it’s an art piece that sold for $12 million, but it’s not just any art piece – it’s “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living” by famed English artist Damien Hirst. And if that doesn’t ring a bell, you might know it by its shorter, more appropriate name, “Dead Shark”. Probably because the piece features a dead tiger shark ‘floating’ in a sea of formaldehyde. It’s not quite Monet’s “Water Lilies”, but then art is in the eye of the beholder – in this case, the anonymous hedge fund manager who purchased the piece. If floating dead sharks aren’t quite your thing, there’s plenty of wonderfully expensive art out there for you to spend your millions on. Just find a piece you like and start decorating that fancy new house of yours!

Dress – $4.8 million
If you’re a lucky online casino winner, you deserve a stunning new wardrobe to match your new millionaire status. Sure you can invest in well-known brands like Dior, Yves St Laurent, Prada, Gucci and the like, but why not go all out and splurge on the most expensive dress ever bought? That’s the title belonging to the figure-hugging number Marilyn Monroe wore when singing ‘Happy Birthday, Mr President’ to John F. Kennedy in 1962, and it’s currently the property of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! who purchased it for $4.8 million at auction. If that’s not quite your style, then perhaps Oscar de la Renta or Versace would do. You know, at a pinch.

Dog Collar – $3.2 million
No, do not adjust your screen resolution. That’s the actual price of a dog collar, one of the most expensive in the world. So if you’re obsessed with your doggo, as many animal lovers are, you can splash out on this little trinket for them – a collar crafted from crocodile leather and featuring a total of 1 600 diamonds, including a central diamond of 7 carats. There are engagement rings out there with stones smaller than the one in this collar. Let that sink in for a moment. Then set aside some of your winnings to indulge your pooch (or any other pets) a little. Perhaps not a $3.2 million dog collar, but a new kennel, some toys, a wardrobe, or even a designer handbag to carry them around in if they’re small enough. Talk about a dog’s life!

Crystal Piano – $3.2 million
If you don’t have any pets, this piece might come in handy instead – and it’s the exact same price as the dog collar. Nothing makes an expensive home look even more sophisticated than a piano (and bonus points if you can actually play it too). This piano takes that concept to a whole other level however, made from crystal and used in the Beijing Olympic Games. It might not actually be for sale, having been purchased at auction by a private bidder, but that doesn’t mean you can’t purchase your own piano for your luxurious new home. In fact, why stop there? Go full music lover and purchase enough instruments for your own symphony orchestra. In the immortal words of Shakespeare, “If music be the food of love, play on!”

Baseball Card – $3.12 million
It’s a running theme in many American movies and TV series – the value of vintage baseball cards and how some collectors go to extremes to protect their collections, and add to them as well. But are baseball cards really that valuable? As it turns out, yes – with the most expensive of all baseball cards, the 1909 T206 Honus Wagner, selling for an unbelievable $3.12 million at auction. So if you’re a baseball enthusiast, it might be time to put some winnings aside and see if you can get in on that action. Just remember to take pristine care of any cards you purchase, so you can sell them for even more in the future. Everything’s an investment!

Shoes – $3 million
Ok so let’s say you splashed out and bought the Monroe dress. Now you’ll need some shoes to match. And luckily we have just the pair for you! Possibly the most famous pair of movie shoes in the world, Dorothy’s ruby slippers from the Judy Garland movie, The Wizard of Oz, were the inspiration for this pair of Harry Winston sparklers – and what a pair they are! Lavishly bedecked with 4 600 rubies, these shoes are the stuff of fairytales themselves, and took a startling two months to make. And while they might not be a match for the Marilyn Monroe dress, at $3 million they’re definitely a match for its price. Click your heels together three times and flash some cash for these stunners!

Magnetic Floating Bed – $1.6 million
Why sleep in a normal bed when you can catch some zz’s in a floating bed instead? Yes that’s right – a magnetic bed that floats above the ground, and supports weights of up to 2 000lbs (just in case you’re still carrying a little holiday weight). Thanks to technology that makes use of a magnetic system to cheat gravity, the bed literally floats a few feet above the ground, and makes a fantastic talking point at dinner parties too. You’ll have to shell out $1.6 million for the pleasure of floating while you sleep, but for the chance to be like Aladdin on your own flying carpet? It’s cheap at the price!

Submarine – $1.5 million
Last but not least on our list for now is a submarine. Because who doesn’t want to hit the jackpot and then go out and buy a submarine? James Cameron sure does – however rather than casino winnings, he used some of his $1.8 billion net worth to buy his. Well, what else would a lover of marine biology and diving buy for themselves, especially when they’re the director of one of the most famous ocean movies in the world? Named Depth Challenger, Cameron’s submarine allows him to go exploring underwater whenever he likes, which probably saves him a fortune on renting one (hot financial tip). And yes, just in case you were wondering, we live in a world where a floating bed costs more than a submarine. What a time to be alive.

Here’s to winning the big jackpot!

Happy Spinning 🙂

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