The most expensive schools in the world

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The best part about winning an online casino jackpot (apart from the sheer excitement, of course) is being able to upgrade your lifestyle to the ultimate in wealth and fabulousness. Live in a three-bedroomed house now? Upgrade to a mansion. Drive a ten-year-old car? Upgrade to a shiny new sports car. Can’t afford any kind of holiday? Splurge on a five-star trip to the ultimate beach resort.

The same goes for your children as well – finally being able to afford to give them all the things you never had, but always wanted for them. And that goes for an exclusive education too. Not that local schools are by any means inferior, but there’s something to be said for the range of activities and the opportunities on offer at more exclusive private schools – which is why if you’re ever on the receiving end of a casino jackpot, you might want to think about sending your children to one of these top educational institutions:

Institut Le Rosey – $113 178 per year
Of course your children have to go to a Swiss boarding school – and where better than Le Rosey, arguably the world’s best and most expensive secondary school. Set in two campuses, one on Lake Geneva and one in the mountains at Gstaad, Le Rosey has a history dating back more than 130 years, and a proud tradition of offering superior education in both English and French.

In the warmer months, students spend their time at the Rolle campus on Lake Geneva, set in a medieval castle over 70 acres of land. With boarding houses, 50 classrooms, science labs and a 30 000 volume library, the facilities are second to none, and include a theatre, dining rooms, cafeterias, and a chapel as well.

So what about all these opportunities for extra-curricular activities? Take your pick! Le Rosey offers (amongst others) tennis, golf, horse riding, shooting, flying lessons, archery and sailing, and is home to a greenhouse and an equestrian centre as well. What’s more, construction is also underway on an 800-seat auditorium, including music rooms and art rooms as well. And as if that wasn’t enough, students are also given a chocolate break in the mornings too. For us, that’s reason enough alone to enrol!

The school’s second campus is its winter retreat, taking students into the mountains of Gstaad to live in Swiss chalets. Of course winter means winter sports too, and so students are given the opportunity to ski and skate, and have access to indoor fitness centres and an ice hockey rink as well.

With students studying according to the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, in either French or English, Le Rosey is one of the most prestigious schools in the world, having educated some of the most well-known families in Europe, including royalty as well. So it’s safe to say that if you can afford the $113 178 annual fee, it’s an institution well worth sending your children to. Now all you have to do is hit the casino jackpot that’ll get them there!

Leysin American School – $85 679 per year
Staying with Switzerland, although this time dropping the annual fees slightly, the Leysin American School is home to 350 students of more than 60 different nationalities, and counts members of Saudi Arabian royalty and noted American families amongst its alumni.

Set in the alpine town of Leysin just two hours from Geneva, the Leysin American School is a boarding school focused on preparing its students for university. To this end students are sent on international trips to cities such as Florence and Barcelona, and are given the benefit of world-class facilities such as squash courts, theatres and libraries. With 99% of the student body going to university upon graduation, it’s clear that if you want to give your children the best chance of a quality tertiary education, Leysin should be on your list.

Collège Alpin Beau Soleil – $99 287 per year
By now it should be obvious that if you’re wanting to send your children to an exclusive private school, Switzerland is where it’s at. And if you’re looking for old, prestigious and expensive, you’ll find it in Collège Alpin Beau Soleil – founded in 1910 and offering both a French curriculum as well as an IGCSE one.

There’s more to Collège Alpin Beau Soleil than a fancy education though. In fact, it prides itself on offering something a little out of the ordinary – challenges, expeditions and overseas trips to far-off lands. If you think your child would benefit from being given the opportunity to climb mountains like Kilimanjaro, or learn how to ski or ice skate, then sign them up and get that tuition paid!

Tonbridge School – $53 472 per year
We had to have at least one school on our list outside Switzerland, so welcome to Tonbridge School in England, founded by King Edward VI in 1533. While the school had modest beginnings for its first 300 years with only a small student body, it expanded in late 19th century Victorian times to open its doors to swelling numbers. Today the school has more than 20 departments, as well as world-class facilities, libraries, laboratories, and an exceptional reputation for quality education.

More than this, Tonbridge is also recognised for its dedication to the arts and to sport – so much so that it was used as an Olympic training venue for the London games in 2012. As a boys’ school, Tonbridge is recognised as one of the very best – so if you’ve been looking for a school good enough to turn your boy into a man, this might be it!

THINK Global School – $94 050 in total
We’ve kept this one till last because it’s not so much a school as it is a completely unique learning experience. Rather than keeping students in one place all year round, THINK is a travelling high school, taking its students to four different countries every year for three years, immersing them in local culture, language and customs, and giving them an education that extends beyond the classroom. Unlike older, more traditional schools, it’s a newer way of thinking and learning, one that teaches students about life beyond their own countries and opens up their eyes to what it means to be a citizen of the world. And if you’ve got a casino jackpot to fund it for your own children, it’s worth every cent.

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