Tiffanie Craddock Named Calida Gaming Ms Online Casino January 2011

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Marketing directors all across the online casino industry have been spending countless hours in search of fresh new ways to promote their products. Big bonus offers for new players are nice, but players have begun looking for something a bit more substantial these days. Calida Gaming came up with a unique idea by choosing to crown a Miss Online Casino each month in 2011.

The first lovely lady to represent the virtual side of Las Vegas is the exquisite Tiffanie Craddock. Known for a lot more than her gorgeous attributes, Ms. Craddock was bequeathed the honorable title of Calida Gaming’s Miss Online Casino for January 2011.

Tiffanie Craddock already has connections in Las Vegas; quite a few of them in fact. A company press release boasted the admirable talents of its new Miss Online Casino, calling Tiffanie Craddock the “queen of Las Vegas product placement, public relations and modeling.”

The press release also touched on Craddock’s educational background, which includes a BS in marketing, but I was curious as to whether the beautiful Craddock received the title because of her professional experience in marketing, or her picturesque beauty. I was pleased to discover that both aspects played a huge role in her reception of the Miss Online Casino award.

I was able to observe a professional resume belonging to the lovely Tiffanie Craddock that officially shed my skepticism. As it turns out, Craddock’s experience in marketing and advertising is quite impressive. She excelled at Illinois State University from 2005 to 2009, finishing in the top 2% in college of business. She graduated as part of the National Honor Scholar Society and Sales Scholar Student Society.

According to Craddock’s resume, her goal was to “obtain a challenging career in the field of marketing that provides an opportunity to apply my strengths and skills to outside sales and gain professional experience in the entertainment industry.”

I would say the buxom beauty has done just that! Kudos to Calida Gaming for recognizing a shining gem in the rough of ditzy Las Vegas models that wouldn’t know a blackjack table from a roulette wheel. Congrats to you Tiffanie Craddock. It’s great to see that someone with such dazzling outward features has even more qualities on the inside.

The 23 year old Nevada native commented on her new position as Miss Online Casino by saying, “It’s an absolute privilege and honor to be named Calida Gaming’s Miss Online Casino for January. I am overly excited and appreciative to have the chance of winning the overall title of Miss Online Casino 2011. Good luck to all the other contestants.”

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