Women and Online Gambling

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Women and online gambling

Just has gambling has evolved over the years, refining its rules, moving from land-based to online, so too is it progressing in order to appeal to a wider audience, most notably in recent years, to women. It’s no secret that historically gambling has had more of a masculine reputation, with more men than women taking part in high stakes skills games, and even James Bond himself placing bets on Baccarat and the like. With such a testosterone-fuelled legacy, it’s no wonder that gambling has often been seen as being intimidating to women, making female gamblers feel unwelcome when joining the ranks of their male counterparts.

Thankfully, today all this is changing, with gambling softening its hard edges in order to become more inclusive and more welcoming to female players. The anonymity of online gambling has helped women feel more comfortable amongst cards, dice, and decisions, while the rise of female poker players has given women visible role models to aspire to and emulate. More and more women are making their presence felt, and it’s an important and powerful one – an influence that allows other women round the world to enjoy gambling without fear, shame or regret, and to explore the one element that has contributed to gambling’s popularity for centuries. Having fun!

So how exactly has gambling changed to become more appealing to women? Let’s take a look.

More convenience. Wife, mother, worker – these days as a woman you’re expected to do it all, while vacuuming with one hand and cooking dinner with the other. No wonder then that so few women have time in their schedules to visit land-based casinos; they’re too busy working, rearing children and passing out from sleep deprivation to hit the gaming tables. Luckily, with the advent of mobile and online gambling, you no longer need to book out hours in your day to gamble – and you don’t need to travel or dress up either. If you ever find ten minutes between chores and child care and you feel like a flutter, all you have to do is log onto your favourite online casino, either via your laptop, phone or mobile device, and you’ll be right in the middle of the action in seconds. You might not have time for a full-scale trip to a casino resort, but if you do have the occasional free moment, the virtual casino games are ready and waiting to take your bets.

More comfort. Sure, you can play from the comfort of your own home in your favourite squashy chair. But the introduction of online gambling has given more than practical comfort to female gamblers – it’s given mental and emotional comfort too. If you’ve ever wanted to go to a casino but couldn’t find friends to join, it’s understandable you’d avoid going on your own out of concerns for your safety. What’s more, the intimidation factor is real as well – entering a predominantly male space on your own and feeling stared at or judged for being there. Now however, thanks to online gambling you don’t need to play in a posse – you can log on all by yourself and feel perfectly safe and comfortable from the beginning of your session to the end. Even better, thanks to the private nature of online gambling, you won’t need to feel overwhelmed or pressured into making any decisions. Instead you can take your time, build up your confidence, and play your game your way, any time you like. And that’s what we call winning.

More acceptance. Think women in sports and it’s not surprising your mind might turn to images of ring girls in boxing, cheerleaders in American football and basketball, or grid girls in Formula One. It’s the same in casinos, where images of scantily-clad women in bikinis or tight-fitting clothing have become synonymous with gambling, and even gambling online. Fine for the men to look at, but what about the women? It’s no surprise that imagery of this kind could be seen as being distasteful to female gamblers, and even a reason to stay away from gambling altogether. Thankfully, attitudes of this kind are changing, and imagery and themes are becoming more appropriate and more inclusive as more and more women show an interest in gambling. The only predominant theme is about playing and having fun – which is as it should be.

More role models. It’s difficult to connect with gambling as a woman if the only face of gaming entertainment you ever see is a male one. As such, it’s important for women to see other women gambling – and not just placing bets but being complete bosses at it too. Enter celebrities like Jennifer Tilly, Shannon Elizabeth, and more recently, Victoria Coren Mitchell – women in the public eye who don’t just sit down at the gaming tables, they own them as well. More and more women are taking to skills games like Poker and having female role models they relate to, and online sites they can log onto is only increasing their love and their aptitude for the game. It’s not just girl power, it’s girl Poker power, and it’s hugely inspiring to witness.

More female-friendly games. And not in a pat-you-on-the-head patronising way either. Sure, it’s fantastic that confident women are making their presence felt at the gaming tables – but what if you’re a newbie who’s just starting out, or if you’re not a particular fan of Poker to begin with? Well then, you sit down at one of the many female-friendly games that more casinos are starting to offer, and you get your winning on. Choose from hundreds of slots specifically designed to cater to women, check out the Bingo halls, or even log onto casinos like Anna Casino, Maria Casino, QueenVegas Casino, and many other venues, all created to appeal to women on both an aesthetic and an intellectual level. Watch out world – the girls are gaming and they’re doing it in style!

As you can see, if you’re a woman who’s interested in placing bets, there’s no need to hide in the shadows anymore – step into the spotlight and embrace your gaming potential! You’ll find games, you’ll find casinos, and most importantly of all, you’ll find support. So take your seat at the slots or at the tables and get in on the action. The power is in your hands!

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