2013 World Series of Poker Event Schedule Released

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It’s that time of year again, when the most seasoned professional poker players, as well as any amateur who can gather up the required buy-in, gather at the Rio Las Vegas in Nevada, USA to participate in the World Series of Poker. The most prestigious of all live poker events in the world, the 2013 WSOP is slated to kick off on Wednesday, May 29, packed with 62 events that culminate in the grand finale; the WSOP Main Event. 

Last year, the world looked on as Greg Merson became the new world champion, taking on a field of 6,597 other players to whittle his way down to the final table. Competing against the most skilled players across the globe, Merson defeated very last foe to win the 2012 WSOP Main Event, and the coveted WSOP Championship Bracelet, at 6am on Halloween morning for a whopping prize of $8,527,982.

This year’s WSOP Main Event promises to be just as thrilling as an estimate 7,000+ players are expected to compete in the tournament. But the grand finale isn’t the only way to gain a bracelet. With 62 events in all, there will be tens of millions of dollars awarded, with a WOSP bracelet going to the winner of each event.

Making poker headlines for the last year, the Big One for One Drop will make its second annual appearance this year as Event #47, but with a new twist. Last year’s Big One collected a $1,000,000 buy-in from each player, capped at 48 entries. This year, the words ‘Big One’ were dropped from the title as the buy-in was decreased to $111,111, and the player cap removed. In addition, the Little One for One Drop has been introduced, with a smaller buy-in of $1,111. Again, a portion of proceeds will go to the One Drop Foundation, helping to provide fresh water worldwide. Last year’s Big One raised more than $5,333,000, thanks to the philanthropic determination of the event’s founder, Guy Laliberte, while Antonio Esfandiari took home over $18 million and a WSOP bracelet for winning the event.

Other big money events in this year’s WSOP include the $50,000 Poker Players Championship Event #55, a $25,000 NL Holdem 6-Handed Event #25, the $10k Ladies NL Holdem Championship Event #51, and several other $10k buy-in events, including a NL Holdem Heads-up tourney with a 512 player cap. Without any further ado, feel free to browse the complete 2013 WSOP schedule below.

Complete 2013 World Series of Poker Schedule

5/2912pm1Casino Employees NL Holdem$500
5/295pm28-Handed NL Holdem$5,000
5/3011am3ANL Holdem$1,000
5/305pm3BNL Holdem$1,000
5/3112pm46-Handed NL Holdem$1,500
5/315pm5Omaha/7-Card Stud Hi-Lo 8b$2,500
6/111am6A$1M GTD “Millionaire Maker” NL Holdem$1,500
6/15pm6B$1M GTD “Millionaire Maker” NL Holdem$1,500
6/212pm7NL Holdem$1,000
6/25pm88-Game Mix$2,500
6/312pm9NL Holdem Shootout (2,000 players max)$3,000
6/35pm10FL Holdem$1,500
6/412pm116-Handed NL Holdem$2,500
6/512pm12PL Holdem$1,500
6/55pm137-Card Stud Hi-Lo Split 8b$5,000
6/612pm14NL Holdem$1,500
6/75pm16Heads-Up NL Holdem (512 players max)$10,000
6/812pm17NL Holdem$1,500
6/912pm18NL Holdem$1,000
6/95pm19PL Holdem$5,000
6/1012pm20Omaha Hi-Lo Split 8b$1,500
6/1112pm216-Handed NL Holdem$3,000
6/1212pm22PL Omaha$1,500
6/125pm237-Card Stud$2,500
6/1312pm24NL Holdem$1,500
6/135pm25Omaha Hi-Lo Split 8b$5,000
6/1410am26Seniors NL Holdem Championship (age 50+)$1,000
6/145pm27Mixed Max NL Holdem$3,000
6/1512pm28NL Holdem$1,500
6/1612pm30NL Holdem$1,000
6/1712pm31PL Omaha Hi-Lo Split 8b$1,500
6/1812pm326-Handed NL Holdem$5,000
6/185pm337-Card Razz$2,500
6/1912pm34NL Holdem Turbo$1,000
6/195pm35PL Omaha$3,000
6/2012pm36NL Holdem Shootout (2,000 max players)$1,500
6/205pm37FL Holdem$5,000
6/2112pm384-Handed NL Holdem$2,500
6/215pm397-Card Stud Hi-Lo 8b$1,500
6/2212pm40NL Holdem$1,500
6/225pm416-Handed PL Omaha$5,000
6/2312pm42NL Holdem$1,000
6/235pm43NL 2-7 Draw Lowball$10,000
6/2412pm44NL Holdem$3,000
6/2512pm45NL Holdem Ante Only$1,500
6/255pm46PL Omaha Hi-Lo Split 8b$3,000
6/2612pm47One Drop NL Holdem High Roller$111,111
6/265pm486-Handed FL Holdem$2,500
6/2712pm49NL Holdem$1,500
6/275pm506-Handed 10-Game Mix$2,500
6/2812pm51Ladies NL Holdem Championship$10,000
6/285pm526-Handed NL Holdem$25,000
6/2912pm53NL Holdem$1,500
6/3012pm54NL Holdem$1,000
6/305pm55The Poker Players Championship$50,000
7/112pm56NL Holdem$2,500
7/212pm57NL Holdem$5,00
7/312pm58ALittle One for One Drop NL Holdem (unlimited rebuys)$1,111
7/35pm59FL 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball$2,500
7/412pm58BLittle One for One Drop NL Holdem$1,111
7/512pm60NL Holdem$1,500
7/55pm61PL Omaha$10,000
7/612pm62NL Holdem WSOP Main Event (July 6-15)$10,000


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