Advantages of Live Dealer Online Blackjack

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There are many players who prefer playing live blackjack to a computer-based version that relies on algorithms and random card generators to produce an outcome for each hand. Then again, a lot of players favor the speed and convenience of playing blackjack at online casinos. In recent years, the best of both worlds have been merged into what we know today as “Live Online Blackjack”.

Live online blackjack is the exact same thing as live casino blackjack, except that it is played over the internet via real-time web cams. There is a real dealer, with real players at a real table. Instead of sitting around the table, players are seated at their computers, watching the action unfold via live streaming video.

One of the most common issues brought up by serious land-based blackjack players is the possibility of rigging the software to ensure players lose more often than the truly random, unpredictable outcome of a physically shuffled deck of cards. Online casino software is normally monitored by outside companies to guarantee there is no cheating on the casino operator’s part, but trust isn’t always that easy to come by. With live online blackjack, players are able to see a real dealer shuffling the deck, watching their hand movements, just like a blackjack dealer at a brick and mortar casino.

Live online blackjack is 100% realistic. The only thing missing is the time and travel expenses incurred. The player is able to interact with the dealer, as well as the players around them. They are able to apply the same strategies they would use in live or software-based casino games.

One major benefit to live online blackjack is that a player can have a blackjack strategy chart next to them, or open in another browser, at all times. Unless you are well versed in blackjack strategies, playing in a truly live setting doesn’t afford the same opportunity, at least not without getting dirty looks form those around you.

If you pay close attention to the rules at live online blackjack, you can take advantage of card counting strategies as well. Card counting is not an option at regular online casino blackjack games because the cards are reshuffled after each hand. In live online blackjack, just like land-based casino games, unless otherwise stated in the rules, the entire deck is used before reshuffling. Thus card counting is a viable option and can lower the house edge so far that players can potentially turn the advantage of payout percentages to their own favor, without worrying about getting caught or thrown out of the casino for it.

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