Android Adds Microgaming Mobile Casino Games

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For anyone who has been hanging onto the edge of their seat waiting for the ultimate event in online casino software upgrades, you can finally sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. Android smartphones and Microgaming casinos have come together at last!

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Android has maintained a strict stance against downloading any type of online casino software onto its devices up until this point, but according to, the company seems to have changed its mind. A new report reveals that Microgaming has signed on to be the very first online gambling software developer to provide its real money casino games on the Android platform.

For several years, the latest iPhone has been on the top of everyone’s Christmas wish list in terms of most popular cellular devices, but it seems the Android v2.2 has finally given them some stiff competition. People are gaining more and more interest in Android smartphones, and the result has been most beneficial to customers who do retain love for the iPhone as their price tags are notably dropping.

In addition to Android smartphones, tablet computers are also expected to begin offering the new Microgaming casino system in the near future. Tablet computers are still relatively new to the market, but with thousands sold over the holidays, they will likely become commonplace before we know it.

One would certainly wonder if this sudden change of heart had anything to do with yesterday’s passing of the online gambling bill by the New Jersey senate. Should NJ Governor Chris Christie sign the bill – and there is little doubt that he will – wireless gambling at Atlantic City casinos will be 100% legal in New Jersey. This could cause an extreme domino effect across more states, especially California, Florida and Iowa, among others. Might as well prepare for the inevitable, eh?

Microgaming is universally known for being the biggest and oldest online casino software developer, having the largest game variety by far. Thus it should come as little surprise that the company would be the first to hit Android smartphones as the opportunity finally presents itself.

Microgaming’s casino gaming suite is currently available from; Betway Casino being the first to offer the mobile casino app for Android smartphones. Players can choose to play mobile casino games for real money or just for the fun of it. Microgaming has said that it expects to add a number of its Spin3 games to the list of games available within the application in the coming months.

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