Best Vegas Casinos

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I recently read a few articles about the best casino’s to gamble at in Las Vegas and having been there myself on multiple occasions, my feelings are slightly mixed.

This article listed Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino as the number one casino to gamble at in Las Vegas While this casino certainly has a lot of entertainment, friendly staff and shopping, I found that there were better places to go in and test out slots or play Roulette.

Many of you may not know this little gem however, you can drink for a buck at the Wynn! First of all, I’m sure you all know that casinos in Las Vegas serve free booze to all gamblers. They are not biased as to the type of game you are playing or the amount meaning, penny slots are deserving of a free drink. Not only are the drinks cheap however, they are delicious offering up top-notch tequila and fancier beverages like mojitos. Don’t forget to check out the Koi pond on your way out 🙂

This article also placed Cosmopolitan near the bottom of the list and this, I found, was a huge mistake. The Cosmopolitan is only one of the most stylish casinos to ever exist. They have everything from nightclubs, shops, and a plethora of gambling options from poker and roulette to slots and blackjack.

Maybe I am being slightly biased based on my experiences at the above casinos so please, comment your thoughts!

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