Betway partners with Playtech

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Betway partners with Playtech. More collaborations. More winning opportunities! You’ve heard of Playtech. one of the world’s leading online gambling providers. And you’ve heard of Betway. One of the world’s top gambling brands. Put those two together. And you’ll see just what the industry’s getting so excited about!

Betway brings a lot to the table

Having signed a multi-year agreement. Two of the biggest names in online gambling are now working together. With Playtech making its world-class suite of Live Entertainment games available to Betway players across the brand’s UK, Mexico and .com sites. With a wide variety of live Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Hold’em titles available. Betway players are in for a huge treat. And huge winning excitement as well. The possibilities really are endless for these two partners.

“Betway’s dedication to the Live Casino vertical shows how important an entertainment-led experience is for the modern player,” says Edo Haitin, CEO of Live Casino at Playtech. “Our partnership comes when we launch more new games with exciting new variants than ever before.”

More games means more fun

With the new agreement in place. Betway players will have even more to enjoy than an extended portfolio of games. They’ll have Playtech’s quality to enjoy as well. With a focus on innovation and safe and responsible gambling. Playtech has a reputation for putting player experience first. Proving exactly why it’s earned the title of one of the world’s leading gaming operators. Now partnering with Betway. It’s a match made in heaven for players.

When players have more options, they are generally more satisfied with their gameplay. More options also draws a larger crowd. People from all walks of life have something to enjoy. The site is now more geared towards a broader player-base. With hopefully heavenly jackpots to follow! Come check it out for yourselves.

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