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We already know and love Bingo Billy but here’s even more reason to love them: “Win $2,000 Cash to Spring-clean your Budget Sweepstakes!”. AND, On top of this already amazing offer, you DON’T have to deposit or buy on special patterns to qualify.

All you have to do to qualify is open an account at BingoBilly.com and fill out the official entry form aily between March 1st and March 30th, 2017. You will have to be in chat between 8 AM and 8 PM every day inside of the “Crazy Quarter’s Room” to wait for your name to be announced as an entry winner by the CM.

Once your name is announced (and it will be!), you have until 11:59 PM ET THAT DAY to open a Help Desk Ticket saying: “I AM A FINALIST TO WIN THE $2,000.00 SPRING CLEANING PRIZE” and claim your entry.  We strongly suggest you be in chat as much as you possibly can to not miss your chance!

The entry form will show up once per day when you login until the moment you become a finalist. And remember, if your name isn’t called on day, you can fill out the form again tomorrow! Keep filling out your form until you win an entry 🙂

Bingo Billy is giving away a FREE BONUS every day to all members that fill out a form so that you have a little something to hang onto until your name is called. A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 names will be raffled daily to win an entry. Not bad right?

Good Luck Everyone 🙂

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