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Nicole Smith
Posted by on 3/06/2024
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Want to win mega millions and get super rich? It’s all happening in the world of online casinos. And we can’t wait to share some of the juiciest headlines with you. Read on for the latest news!

A €3.7 million gives one player a very happy New Year – and makes them super rich!

Another day, another online gambling winner gets super rich. This time to the tune of an amazing €3.7 million! 2024 coming in hot!

We don’t know what kind of New Year’s resolutions one super lucky Brazilian online casino player made. But it’s safe to say the year ahead looks like it’s going to be an amazing one making lots of players super rich! At least it would be for us. If we’d won nearly €4 million playing online slots. And you won’t believe how it happened either!

Monday 15 January started as a day like any other for the NineCasino player ***carvalho10. Logging onto the casino and playing. But after placing a simple €0.20 bet. Things went from ordinary to extraordinary in the space of a few heartbeats. Because rather than the reels landing randomly on Wolf Blaze WOWPot! Megaways. They landed in the perfect winning combination. Giving the player an unbelievable €3,760,840.37 payday! And all thanks to a €0.20 wager and a 20,008,157x multiplier. Now they are super rich.

Of course it’s not just thrilling news for the player.

It’s just as exhilarating for the casino too. As the Head of NineCasino explains: “There is only one truth in the casino world. And that is once you press the button, anything can happen. ***carvalho10 nabbed a 20,0008,157x multiplier, but the question is, who will be next to beat this high score at NineCasino? Our jackpots are still full to the brim. And with 6,000+ games, there is something for everyone, as well as for anyone hoping to be the next big winner!” But, you could get super rich.

It’s no surprise that the win came from a WOWPot! slot. Because wow is right! Will you be next to see your name in lights? It might be worth giving a WOWPot! slot a spin. Who knows what other wins 2024 could have in store for online gambling players, ya get super rich.


Get ready for a FashionTV Mega Party – and get super rich

What does FashionTV have to do with online gaming? Plenty, if their new collaboration with Playtech is anything to go by! That’s because this world-renowned fashion channel is now branching out beyond the silver screen into the world of online gambling. With the launch of their all-new live casino game, FashionTV Mega Party! And maybe you’ll be super rich if you give it a go.

If you’re a fan of fashion and live gambling, and getting super rich. Then this one’s definitely for you. Not only does it have the backing of leading software developer Playtech. It’s available across its worldwide network as well. Meaning that any online casino that’s powered by Playtech could soon be featuring it in its gaming portfolio.

So what kind of party is FashionTV Mega Party? One that offers the atmosphere of the FashionTV Club. And features a wheel of fortune with 3 mini games as well. Such as Lucky DJ, Laser Show and Dance Floor. There’s also a jackpot of 1,000x to be won as well. For the ultimate party experience where you could get super rich!

Will you be strutting your stuff with FashionTV Mega Party? Give it a whirl at a casino near you today!

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