Casino Superstitions!

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To cap off your Labour Day long weekend, let’s talk about common casino superstitions. In some cultures, people are extremely superstitious and others don’t believe in it at all. The word superstition is in fact referred to as a religion not practices by a large majority of society however, it is still religious in nature. Even in sports, a lot of players are superstitious and hold certain rituals before playing. For instance, some ball players have a lucky glove they refuse to play without. In playing without this glove, gives them bad luck.

The same holds true for gambling. Here is a small list of common superstitions believed to bring players bad luck:
— Playing at a new table
— The number 13
— Rotating your chair while playing
— Lending money to another player
— Whistling while playing

The below list, if done correctly, is said to bring players good luck:
— Always betting on your lucky number
— Carrying a rabbit’s foot or another lucky charm
— Swearing against the roulette ball
— Wearing a lucky outfit or a lucky piece of clothing
— Leaving the table makes you lucky at slots

What do you think of these lists? Crazy? Do you in particular follow any of these?

Happy Spinning and GOOD LUCK! 🙂

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