Celebrate the “Data For Good Initiative 2022” award

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Celebrate! By far the most important part of gambling online is ensuring that your behaviour is always responsible where your gaming habits are concerned. Are you budgeting for your casino spend. Are you staying within your self-imposed limits? And, are you only gambling with what you can afford to spend? While some might find it easy to gamble responsibly, however, there are some players who find it a little more challenging, And that’s where organizations like GAMSTOP come in.

Celebrate with GAMSTOP!

A free online gambling self-exclusion initiative. GAMSTOP has so far enabled 280,000 players in the UK to manage their gambling habits successfully and protect themselves online. Simply by signing up on the GAMSTOP website. Supplying certain personal information and choosing to self-exclude from gambling for either six months, twelve months, or five years. Players can exert control over their gambling habits and avoid any potential negative outcomes.

In recognition of the massive role that GAMSTOP has played in promoting responsible online gambling behaviour, the organization was recently awarded the “Data for Good initiative” at the 2022 British Data Awards. Let’s celebrate a well-deserved acknowledgement. Not only does the award highlight the excellent work that GAMSTOP is doing. It also demonstrates just how great a need there is for such an initiative in the industry. And the positive effect that managing responsible gambling behaviour can have.

Money Management is always a good thing

Speaking about the win, GAMSTOP CEO Fiona Palmer was proud of the recognition the organization had received. “Winning this award alongside our technology partners. The Datashed underlines our capability to use data safely and effectively to help potentially vulnerable individuals. I couldn’t be more proud of this achievement and the team who have worked so hard to continuously improve the GAMSTOP scheme. Thank you to the judges for seeing the value of the GAMSTOP system and congratulations to all other winners at last night awards.” Certainly a reason to celebrate.

Congratulations GAMSTOP and keep up the good work!

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