Common online Craps mistakes

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Playing Craps at a real-life casino is a gambling experience that everyone should enjoy at least once – the community atmosphere, the chance to influence the game by physically throwing the dice, and the adrenaline that comes from winning with one of the many thrilling bet possibilities available. Equally, playing Craps online is just as exhilarating with the same betting opportunities, although this time with more space in which to think about your choice of wager, and how best to make your play.

However, while Craps is easy to enjoy, it’s also easy to make mistakes in as well, particularly if you don’t know as much about the game as you should before starting. So what are the most common errors that people usually make, and what behaviour should you be keeping an eye out for? Let’s take a look.

You’re playing at the wrong online casino
Are you absolutely sure that the casino you’re playing with has your best interests at heart? If you’re struggling to make timely withdrawals, or you aren’t being rewarded with the bonuses or promotions that you’ve qualified for, then it might be time to make a move. With Craps being such an intricate game, you might not notice that you’re playing at a disreputable casino until it’s too late. Your best bet is to check whether your current gaming venue appears on any blacklists, and then to choose an alternative casino instead. Do some research, take a look at online reviews and player forums, and make sure that the next time you throw the dice in online Craps, it’s with a casino you can trust.

You don’t know the basics
Betting wrong, betting right, easy way, hard eight, snake eyes… just the terminology alone is enough to confuse an amateur when playing Craps, let alone understanding the actual rules. That’s why some players choose to dive right in without going through the basics first, hoping to pick it up as they go along.

Unfortunately, while that strategy might work with simpler games like slots, playing Craps online without knowing the rules beforehand can be a one-way ticket to bankroll disaster. With so many different betting options available, it’s advisable to understand at least one or two before placing your first bets – such as learning what Pass and Don’t Pass bets are. As two of the simplest bets on the table, placing either of these will allow a beginner player to take part in the game, while observing the mechanics of Craps at the same time.

So if the complexities of Craps betting are too complicated for you to understand right away, don’t worry. Rather focus your efforts on learning about Pass and Don’t Pass bets first – then once you’ve got those down, you can move onto other Craps wagers like Come, Don’t Come, Field, Place, One Roll (or Proposition) bets and more. Walk before you can run, and your bankroll will live to tell the tale!

You don’t know the odds
Just as Craps is a game about bets, it’s a game about odds as well, and if you don’t know the odds of the bet you’re about to place (or even a vague approximation) then you run the risk of blowing through your bankroll after only a few wagers.

If you’ve gone through the basics, or even just skimmed the rules, you’ll know that there are a number of different bets available in Craps. What you may not know is that each different bet comes with its own house edge and odds, and some bets are far riskier than others. While bets like Pass and Don’t Pass come with a fairly low house edge (making them ideal for beginners) there are a number of Proposition bets that can make a significant dent in your bankroll if you’re not careful – so it’s good to be aware of what you’re getting yourself into before the dice are rolled.

Taking a small sample from the bets available, here’s a quick example of how wide the house edge range can be:

Don’t Pass/Don’t Come – 1.36%
Pass/Come – 1.41%
Place 6/Place 8 – 1.52%
Lay 6/Lay 8 – 4.0%
Buy 6/Buy 8 – 4.76%
Field – 5.56%
Hard 6/Hard 8 – 9.09%
2 – 13.89%
12 – 13.89%
Any 7 – 16.67%

As you can see, the house edge reaches double digits in some cases, which is great for the casino but not so great for your bank balance. And while you shouldn’t let this dull your enthusiasm for the game (by all means, place the bet you’re most interested in), you should keep in mind how the odds could affect your bankroll. Play smart, play safe.

You’re not playing the Odds
Ok yes, we know we just made a whole big speech about how you should keep the odds and the house edge in mind when playing Craps – we’re not going to repeat ourselves, don’t worry. What we’re referring to here is the unique bet available in Craps that not many people are aware of – the bet known as ‘the Odds’. Strange, but true!

What makes the Odds so special is that it has no house edge, so it pays as true odds. Odds bets are placed behind either the Pass or Don’t Pass Line, and are made after the come out roll – and the reason that many Craps players don’t know about this opportunity is that it’s one of the only Craps bets that doesn’t have its own specific space on the table. If you’re not playing the Odds, you’re not taking advantage of the fact that it has zero house edge – so the next time a point is established on the come out roll, place your Odds bet and make the most of it!

Have you caught yourself making any of these mistakes in the past? If so, you now have a better idea of how to adjust your game play going forward – and hopefully minimiZe any damage to your bankroll at the same time. Remember as well to have fun – Craps is an exciting, action-packed game, and a thrilling experience from start to finish. Enjoy every second of your gaming, and no matter what the outcome, you’ll always be a winner!

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