CopyCat NetEnt Release Date!!

Posted By: Date: 04/20/2017 at 4:46 pm Leave a comment

NetEnt slots are ALWAYS highly popular and we like to make them a big deal because, let’s face it, they are! And if you love to spin the reels like I do, I’m sure you’re already anticipating playing this one. The new slot is called “Copy Cats” and it’s scheduled to be released May 23rd… just in time for the Memorial Day Long Weekend so you’re bound to have some downtime to check out this one.

While we don’t know much about this slot yet as the release date is a little over a month away, we highly anticipate that it will in fact, have cats in the reels. Yaassssss for cat-lovers everywhere! Maybe a long-maned lion? Or maybe even a cute grumpy-cat look alike? A girl can dream I suppose.

Ok that’s about it for Copy Cat! We will surely have more updates in the coming weeks as the release date gets closer and closer so be sure to check back with us for all of your slot-related news!

As always, Good Luck and Happy Spinning 🙂

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