Crazy Celeb Purchases; Part 2

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Crazy purchases. Still working on that online jackpot bucket list? We’ve already taken you through some of the craziest celebrity purchases ever made. But if you’re still searching for inspiration for your own wildly expensive shopping spree then you’re in luck! Browse our list of even more insanely extravagant buys, and see if you can outdo the madness.

Crazy purchases here we come

1. A Tyrannosaurus skull – $270,000
Guess who’s back, back again? Its Nicolas Cage, of course. Someone who could fill one of these lists by himself with all the weird and wonderful purchases he’s made. Last time it was a comic book collection worth $1 million. This time it’s a crazy dinosaur skull worth $270,000! Because what’s a list of celeb buys without there being a skull on it, right? Going up against Leonardo DiCaprio in a bid for a 67 million-year-old Tyrannosaurus bataar skull at auction. Cage came out on top with the winning bid, adding yet another expensive novelty to his collection. Although in 2015 when it was determined that the skull had been stolen, Cage returned it to its rightful home in Mongolia. Going, going, gone indeed.

What’s up next?

2. Sonogram Machine – up to $200,000
He’s calmed down considerably now. But remember when Tom Cruise was at the height of his couch-jumping crazy? He somehow managed to top his own insanity by buying his very own sonogram machine for his pregnant girlfriend, Katie Holmes. Because apparently going to the hospital like a normal person just wasn’t good enough. While Cruise tried to silence the doubters by ensuring them that both he and Holmes were receiving lessons from technicians on how to use the device. Which would be donated to a hospital after the birth of their child. Buying your own sonogram machine is still highly NOT recommended. In case you were getting any mad ideas of your own…

It could just get crazier

3. Designer leggings – $100,000
Why buy a pair of regular leggings from the store for a few dollars when you can go all out and buy a completely over-the-top pair for $100,000 instead? Of course, if your name’s Beyoncé Knowles, you can do whatever you want. Which is why the world-famous singer purchased a pair of crazy gold-embellished Balenciaga leggings for a completely extortionate price. And wore them once at the 2007 BET Awards. Now that’s some serious diva energy.

4. Louis Vuitton teddy bear – $16,000
Carrying on the trend of paying ridiculous prices for completely normal items, Kylie Jenner was seen to have purchased a hugely extravagant Louis Vuitton teddy bear. Which fans noticed during a video the celeb made of her new son’s nursery. Crafted from the design house’s signature monogram on brown velvet. The bear was one of a select run of 500, and is no longer available for sale. Although if you’re lucky you might find a second-hand one online for the very reasonable price of $16,000. That was sarcasm, by the way.

So, anything you wanna buy?

Found anything you’d like to purchase for yourself? Or maybe you want to pull a Bono and put your hat on a plane to you for $1,700, flying first class all the way? When you’ve got money you can do what you like, when you like, and no one will bat an eyelid at your crazy. So if you’re thinking about gold and jewels and pure extravagance, best you get playing for that online casino jackpot right away!


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