Exciting Tournaments in June and July 2017!

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It’s almost officially summer (June 21st) and I wanted to give you guys some of the most exciting and popular tournaments for this upcoming summer. You can check them out at either Liberty Slots OR Lincoln Casino 🙂


  • $5000 Cash Cow Month Long Tournament
    A huge $2500 first is up for grabs when you enter the $5000 Cash Cow Month Long Tournament. One of our newest 5 reel slots Cash Cow was chosen for this marvellous event. This tournament runs from June 1st to 30th
  • $2000 Fear and Loathing Tournament
    Enter the $2000 Fear and Loathing Tournament. Take your shot at $2000 in prizes and win a massive $1500 first prize. This grand event runs from June 14th to 24th and features the exciting 5 reel Vegas Party.
  • $1500 Big Boom Tournament
    From June 6th to 18th, play in the $1500 Big Boom Tournament. The popular 5 reel slot Cherry Blossoms is the game selected for this tournament. You can win the $1000 first prize!
  • $1000 Train in Vein Tournament
    The $1000 Train in Vein Tournament features Cash Caboose. This event runs from June 21st to July 1st. You have the chance to win the $500 first prize!
  • $1500 Tippi Hedren Tournament
    Play Birds of Paradise in the $1500 Tippi Hedren Tournament. The first prize is $1000 and this event runs from June 27th to July 9th.
  • Play for the Pot Fourth of July Tournament
    The Play for the Pot Fourth of July Tournament gets started on June 8th and runs until July 4th. This event features the awesome 5 reel slot Independence Day. The pot will keep growing and the lucky winner will take home 25% of the pot!
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