Expensive Earrings. Part Two.

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Expensive Earrings. Part Two. You loved our look at the most expensive earrings in the world so much, we just had to come back for a glimpse at even more lust-worthy sparklers. Get your credit card ready. There’s shopping to be done!

1. Colombian Emerald Earrings – $ 4.8 million
Forget diamonds – go for emeralds instead. And not just any emeralds. The Colombian Emerald Earrings, crafted from an amazing 11.75 carats of emeralds (ok, and diamonds as well). We’d love a pair ourselves, but somehow we don’t think our budget would stretch to the $4.8 million they reached at auction. We can dream though…

Expensive Earrings for days.

2. Empress Eugenie Earrings – $ 3.3 million
In our last look at the world’s most expensive earrings. We told you the story of Marie Antoinette and her priceless diamond earrings that were lost during the French Revolution. And were thought to have been owned at one time by Napoleon III who gave them to his Empress. In fact, the Emperor was known for his love of all things luxurious. As his wife Eugenie found out when he offered her a pair of wildly extravagant earrings as a wedding gift. While it’s not known just how valuable the Marie Antoinette earrings were. Eugenie’s gift from her husband fetched $3.3 million when they were auctioned off in 2014. Now that’s true love.

3. Diamond Earrings – $2.3 million
Back to diamonds, because really, how could we stay away? Surrounded in a white gold frame. These spectacular diamond earrings were designed in the popular diamond drop style. And sold at famed auction house Christie’s for $2.3 million. We’re definitely asking for a pair of expensive earrings in our Christmas stocking this year. All we need is for someone to buy them for us first…

Diamonds or Pearls?

4. Diamond and Pearl Earrings – $1.2 million
If the mines of Golconda sound familiar, that’s because we visited there once before. In our look at the utterly show-stopping 23-carat Golconda Diamond Earrings. Now we’re back for more. This time in the form of earrings made up of no less than 6 pear-shaped diamonds. Weighing in at a total of 6 carats. And of course, each earring is finished off with a gorgeous creamy pearl as well. The last pair of Golconda earrings we showcased sold for $9.3 million. These expensive earrings were a little more affordable when it went under the hammer. selling for $1.2 million. Still completely out of our price range though. but that’s what daydreams are for!

Designer brands are key

5. Cartier Earrings – $79,000
Finally we have to turn to one of the most famous luxury brands in the world – Cartier. While the jewellery house was founded in 1847. these featured earrings were released a little more recently, in the 1990s. Featuring round-cut diamonds in an 18-karat white gold setting. they’re perfect for daytime or night-time wear. and coming in at $79,000, they’re by far the most cost-effective earrings on our list. That’s our birthday gift sorted!

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