Gambling at a Mobile Casino

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Technological advancement will never cease to amaze the general populace. Anyone who is old enough to remember should think back to the days when cellular phones were the size of milk cartons. Outside of calling a bookie – if we could get a signal – gambling was the last thing we expected to do on them.

But now, oh-ho-ho, look at the possibilities! Mobile devices are nearly as small as the credit cards we can use on them, and have many of the same capabilities of a desktop computer. For the online gambling community, that means no more sitting in front of a monitor to play blackjack, roulette or the most popular slot machines. Mobile casino applications have given us a whole new way to enjoy them.

Anyone who has played at an online casino should have no problem adjusting to a mobile casino platform. Getting started is as simple as logging into an online casino that provides mobile casino apps and clicking over to the mobile casino download page.

This page will give complete instructions on how to download each mobile casino application. There are two main typed of mobile casino downloads; WAP mobile casinos and SmartPhone mobile casinos, compatible with the iPhone and Android OS.

WAP Mobile Casinos

When mobile casinos were first developed, they were all WAP enabled. They are compatible with most major cellular devices, including Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia. WAP mobile casino apps are compact files, meaning they download quick, the game play is super fast, but the graphic quality is pretty basic.

From the online casinos mobile download page, players can select the game they wish to download, enter their name, country of residence and mobile telephone number and click the Download button. The application is then sent via SMS to the mobile device.

When the automatic download completes, the user can go into their SMS files, select the application and open it. From there, players can choose to login to their account and play for real money (requires a deposit at the online casino) or just play for fun.

SmartPhone Mobile Casinos

SmartPhone mobile casino apps are newer, compatible with iPhones and Android powered devices. They are the most commonly played mobile casinos as the majority of avid cell phone users have upgraded to SmartPhones for their incredible range of internet capabilities and formidable graphic quality.

Downloading a mobile casino onto a SmartPhone can be done in one of two ways. The user can visit the online casino from a computer or laptop, input their information and type of mobile device, and have the casino app sent directly to their phone. Alternatively, they can use the browser on their phone to visit the mobile casino website and download an app directly.

Another benefit of playing mobile casinos on a SmartPhone is that players can register a new account and make a deposit right on their device, negating the need to ever visit the online casino from a computer or laptop. In addition, downloading a single mobile casino app on a SmartPhone can give the player access to a variety of games, rather than having to download each gambling amusement one by one.

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